Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fashion Craze: Psychedelic Fashion!

Hey Guys,

God school is hard at the moment but I needed to post to make sure you all knew I was still here. I have been keeping an eye on the trends and saw something that has really brightened my day. Psychedelic fashion is all about making a bold stance on a plain landscape, clothes in this context.

I have never really been able to pull of bold patterns due to my ultra pale skin but I love looking at the clothes in awe. I've been really inspired and I hope you will be too.

Lots of love,

Monday, 7 June 2010

Quick Update!!!!! ☺x

Hey guys,

Quick update as I am currently revising for several exams sooo boring but part of my life as a teenage fashionista!

  • I am working on a photo expo. entitled 'The Price of Beauty' Some of the images have allready been on this blog but I have been working hard since then on some more!
  • My wardrobe is clearer than before, all my winter clothes are now in the loft or in Charity shops and my new summer clothes are filling up the gaps.
  • Playsuits- new fashion love, will soon be the owner of two (one short, one full length) more postings on the TBA x
  • I am in love with old dance movies! Fame,Flashdance etc.. I am watching one everyweek and I have a list of ten I am going to buy ASAP!
  • Sunburn is not fashionable - I went out without sun cream and am now regretting it badly. Be safe in the sun guys!
  • And finally, Lots of love to all the girls out there who love fashion and clothes. I haven't yet said it and feel that an honour should be made to all of us. xxxx
That brings my quick update to a close,

Love you loads,