Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hey guys,

Once upon a time I had a lot of free time, now I suddenly don't so this post has been a long time coming...sorry.

So well for those of you who like my Facebook page you will of seen I have been very busy running around all over London and now in one of my down time moments I have decided to write about the various things I have been up to and how they have inspired me in fashionable ways.

Ok, firstly in February there were lots and lots of fashion shows which I unfortunately did not get to attend :( However in true fashionista style I watched as some scary (Pj's seriously Stella :s) and some quiet fabulous things (Marc Jacobs = God-like) waltzed down the catwalk. And of course London Fashion Week stole the show - especially the Topshop unique show that called all the fashionista's to the front row and the Burberry show that is a British icon in the fashion world.

Secondly, I did some running around in Central London, twice visiting Oxford Street and also dropping into Harrods with a friend - tried on a Chanel bracelet that was SO beautiful and then marvelled at a handbag which  nearly bought me to tears.  Walking through the Louboutin corridor was enough to make my eyes boggle. While also on one of these visits to Oxford Street I chanced the opportunity to do something I love - hunt for vintage and that I did. Beyond Retro has long intrigued me and as they have a shop in Soho, I popped in for a look, and found the most stunning gold jacket I have ever seen (see below) and at that opportunity I bought it and successfully started what was to be a long run of vintage buying.

After running around Central London for a couple of weekends I then settled in Waterloo near the London Eye where I found yet another vintage shop (there is a trend here) called Radio Days and this time I bought some jewellery. The ring you will see is for me to wear with my prom dress and the broach is very pretty and timeless - I hope to be able to pass these things on to my children when I am older.

And finally, yesterday I went to Camden Town to the various markets - if you want to be inspired readers, Camden is the place. Although it is known for its music scene and the late great Amy Winehouse as a resident, it carries a huge fashion prestige as the one place that Goths, Emos, vintage lovers, rock stars and the just downright rebellious all hang out together. And it is the place that not only did I discover Betty and Gerty and bought a silk scarf that matched my leather jacket I was rocking yesterday, but also I found a beautiful Chanel like jacket that I bought instantly and will treasure forever, I have ticked an item off the bucket list - wooohooo!

So as you can see I have been quiet busy racking up a new-old style wardrobe because who really doesn't want to look as fabulous as the legends - count me in!

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥