Wednesday, 13 August 2014

All a Little Bit Cultural: BP Portrait Award Next Gen Event

Hey guys,

I know I was a bit belated with my birthday blog and this is a similar scenario but I wanted to post about this event as it was such a fun night and unlike anything I have ever done before.

(I also want to come up with a regular post schedule so I will work out when will be best for that, as I want to diversify my blog into more areas of my life than just fashion and beauty. A post dedicated to thank you all for the 25,000 page views will be on it's way soon too!)

So back to the event. I found out about this event due to the organisers at the BP Portrait Award sending me the link to RSVP on Twitter totally out of the blue. I looked up the event on the National Portrait Gallery website and thought that it seemed like something I have never done before so why not. My parents went to art college and so I had been bought up being taken to galleries and I really love looking at art, even if I am not that great at actually doing it myself. I believe that my art is fashion and the odd bit of colouring in, but I appreciate the statement that artists make when they do what they do, so I knew I would enjoy it.

The event was on a Monday evening and allowed us (a group of probably 30 14-19 year olds) to see the gallery after hours and meet some of the award winners from the competition this year that BP had sponsored (and is still on show to the public until the 21st September). There was a wide range of activities that night, from the chance to sketch the portraits for a competition, to getting a taste of curating by writing new labels for the paintings which were specifically for a teenage audience. Food and music also played a part, and I must give a shout out to the amazing TVR for his Slam Poem which was just incredible.

I feel very lucky to of been able to see the amazing entries up close and meet some of the artists who were inspiring and allowed us to see behind the canvas in a way you wouldn't get to from simply looking at the art.

The art itself was beautiful, from photo-realists to the more abstract portraits of people who were not famous and to those who were simply friends of the artists. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the art itself but if you want to see the rest of the exhibitors online you can click here but of course if you are in London go and check out the exhibition itself!

So I wanted to thank the organisers for inviting me and to all the friends I made while walking the galleries.

Speak to you all very soon I hope,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥