Friday, 29 April 2011

The Day a Modern Prince Married His Princess ♥

Hello fellow fashionable people,

Once upon a time a young Kate Middleton bumped into a Prince of Wales in St.Andrews, A decade later they made their vows in one of the most beautiful weddings the world had ever seen. For fashion this event was to shape the bridal trend as much as Diana's gown had all those years ago.

For the other guests there were many hats like satellite dishes, Tara Palmer Tomkinson took royal blue to a new level with rhino horn hat, Samantha Cameron colour blocked in brilliant green Burberry and a clashing orange cardigan, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice showed that Vivienne Westwood and Valentino are fabulous but the hats they chose errm not so much and the Queen herself looking radiant in a yellow Angela Kelly dress.

However, what we were all waiting for was that dress, Duchess of Cambridge's (that's her new title - it's Kate btw) Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress that stole the show. It was beautiful and jaw-droppingly amazing in every way. With a 50's style it was perfect for the vintage fairytale setting of Westminster Abbey. Catherine the Commoner-no-more wrote a love story and today she won a Prince, no, in fact he won her as she truly is a Princess; Intelligent, Beautiful and Loving.

So with a tear in my eye I welcome to the world a new royal and her man,
One day they will rule England and I will be there to write the next chapter in the best loved story in Britain today...

So here's a toast to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Catherine and Prince William, Kate and Wills,

Lots of love, blessings and well wishes,

Princess (in my dreams) LDN TEENAGE FASHIONISTA xox

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yesterday I climbed several mountains....

Hey guys,

Sorry for being A.W.O.L recently I have been swamped with issues bigger than myself and it has taken until this break in my revision schedule to write this blog but here I am ☺

So yesterday was very important for me, It was the first time I had worn wedges and the first time I had worn heels to anywhere that required a journey on public transport. And it was a success ☺ only 3 stumbles in all, none of them fatal and only one blister which for me is pretty amazing.

In fashion wise I had style. I wore my wedges (see pic) with a vintage dress, grey cardigan and brown shoulder bag - whole outfit was around the £50 mark which is reasonable. Yet I fitted in with the Chanel clutching, Prada shoes wearing women that dominate Canary Wharf fashion. All the women that work there strut amongst the skyline with an air of fabulousness not seen anywhere else, the pride they take in their work is just a visible as the pride with which they wear their clothes. I am honestly proud to know just some of the women that work in that amazing place and will go up their at the flick of a switch just to breathe the air.

The place proves that London really is amazing,