Monday, 25 July 2011

My Tears Dry On Their Own....♥

Hey guys,

This post, as you might of guessed, is dedicated to the late, great and soulful Miss Amy Winehouse. On Saturday 23rd July around 4pm she was found dead at her home in Camden. She lived in one of the coolest places in London and was undoubtedly the coolest of soul/jazz/rock/pop (you really can't put her into a box) singers London has ever seen. It was no shock to see the side synonymous with her persona in the magazines, the drink and the drugs hardly made anyone surprised. But every now and again you would catch a glimpse of the Real Amy, the smart and frankly amazing star that caused such a stir in the music industry.

Her mile-high distressed beehive and the black fierce eyeliner flicks made her stand out from the crowd alongside a beautiful figure and a stream of tattoos down her arms. She had an incredible way of making all her clothes cool, paired usually with black heels and effortless glamour. I have never seen a more down to Earth star. She wore what she wanted and never hid behind couture, as just wearing a normal dress was all that it needed to become couture. I also admire the way she ignored the only wear an outfit once 'rule' in women's fashion. I never understood why you cannot wear the same dress again and I love she seemed to feel the same.

Her music. Well Amy, you would be glad to know your back in the charts but trust me you never left my heart. You were more than an idol, you were strong when people doubted you and you were strong when your heart was being tested by the press and I have to say that is a quality I would love to have. I admit some of your choices must of been hard and some maybe turned out not as planned but you stuck by them. Back to Black was truly a piece of art. You showed everyone how you really felt in song and you struck back at anyone trying to bring you down. I love the songs about love on the album too. You speak so honestly, it must of been good to let all your feelings out in the medium you love. I also have to comment on Valerie. You and Mark Ronson should be so proud. That song never will get old and without you it could of. You had a magic about making every song last a lifetime.

Amy, I am sad to say that you died at 27. That was too young and it shocked me to the core. I hope you are at peace now. I will never forget you and all that bad press that lead up before your death, they got you all wrong. You were a strong, smart and powerful girl who was not afraid to say and act the way you wanted and you just did not get the help you needed. For that the whole world now is saddened.

Despite the fact many of your gigs were mocked, Amy I really regret not being able to see you live.
I will never forget the impact you made on my life. You inspired me.

Thank you for writing such a huge part of my life. Now you go back to black and my tears dry....
Lots of Love, Rest in Peace,

Saturday, 23 July 2011

When you wish on your birthday....

Hey Guys,

Last Friday was my birthday yay! I am still a teenager but just a year older! I got some super cool birthday gifts and some of them were so fashionable it's incredible. I got this amazing silk scarf dress (see below) It's so flattering for summer and such a cool print in a bright colour I love it.

I also got bought several bags - a pink mini clutch and the massive handmade satchel you can see in the picture. I cannot say how much I love it and its size. So on trend too as I saw Agyness Deyn (possibly the biggest trendsetter ever) with a bright green one. I went for one more my style and vintage from

I also got a Betsey Johnson necklace to add to my large accessories collection. Its a mouse as that's a nickname my mum gave me from a young age. It is so cute in a vintage style and I have already worn it several times.

I got several other presents of sentimental value and that I honestly love and cannot wait to wear/enjoy and can safely say this birthday was one of the best I have ever had. With my best friends I went to Lush and had a fabulous party there with lots of cake and bubbles (not a usual mix) and I have to give credit to the guys at Lush Romford for truly being amazing and honouring me with a LUSH Legends box as a gift. I now own a good proportion of their shop and will always be a loyal customer of theirs. Trust me guys, if you want a good shopping experience and have your life changed, these guys are the people to see.

Also I wanted to share a present I got from my girls ellie and baylee. I think it says everything.

Finally Happy Birthday Me!

Lots of love guys,
Keep wishing,

Thursday, 7 July 2011

See the light....

Hey Guys,

It's the end of the day here, soon people will be dreaming the future and wishing for tomorrow. I find this time of night, just as the sun sets, my most productive time. This is when I think of the people I want to be near and the things I need to accomplish.

When you see things clearly you can come across some startling truths. You see the truth in your heart and who holds it at that moment. You see the career you will take one day. You see the outfit that will make you great.

I am not materialistic but often my dreams revolve around a person or a thing. Sometime I can't sleep as my mind whirrs with random thoughts so I have to keep a notebook just to make sense of it.

Sweet Dreams Fashionistas,


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Philosophy I came up with today ♥

Hey guys,

Not long till my birthday. I am still a teen though so don't worry, what will I do when I hit twenty hmmm... well that's far from now so I am not too worried.

Today while I was on the bus, thinking about my outfit I was amazed to come up with this little philosophy for my blog:

"Fashion is defined not by the clothes themselves but the person you are when you wear them ♥"

I think it's quiet good. I am immensely proud to be a fashionista and will now live my life by this motto.

Today I was a walking fashion magazine, with a combo of colour-blocking, florals, metallics and destressed denim. I have a habit of turning skirts and tops into dresses and today was no exception ☺

I also made my very first pizza from scratch, no mean feet but the best thing I can make.

Speak soon guys,