Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Trend Round Up 2011...

Hey guys, 

Again a long absence, I am not very good at keep this updated am I? This year the fashion world went through many stages, at the end of 2010 into early 2011 the edginess that had been growing came through and heels went high and spiky and the dresses became black and sharp cut, some even had literal jagged edges!

Then in Spring as new life was born so was the word 'Eclectic' and such came the clashing of patterns and colours down the runways, although this took its time to get to the high-street. Meanwhile all the shops latched on to the bold brights and the 'new' trouser style (MASSIVE LEGS) none of which really took my fancy - I discovered a love for dresses and vintage and managed to rack up a huge amount of them and now my closets bursting lol! Along with wide leg trousers kicking out the skinny legs, mini skirts got kicked out by maxi and midi length which was a boggling minefield of creating your own dresses out of lengthy skirts and coloured shirts, which was both inventive and individual.

As we headed towards summer, well all the rules got torn up and most went back to nautical with a blink of an eye and little miss sailors and dolls came flooding back - I spent my summer in a pool and then my silk maxi so I can't really comment. When I landed home along came the loafers just in time for back to school to remove the brogues to the bargain bin. Every girl wanted to max out the men shoe trend - I stuck to pumps.

As autumn came so did an out of this world trend walked the runways and the shops turned to burgundy and autumnal colours and vintage waltzed back into fashion. Stars were bought along by D&G and they made a huge impact. I got myself a starry ring and ooh over the bags wishing I was amongst the stars and supernovas. Skinnys also came back as warmth was needed and knitted cardigans much taking reference to cricket jumpers flooded to the shops and then we were lead up to Christmas when..... out of nowhere came FUR! Fur jackets are all the rage right now from River to the Top of the Shops and we all want to be abominable snowmen for the winter time. Where do I sign up?

So what will the new year bring? Maybe a firework of colour?

Best Wishes,

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Immortality of the Soul (2)

Readers, Friends,

Yesterday at 9.15am I lost my great-grandad John Henderson. He was 95. He had lived through the end of one and fought in the second World War. He was the strongest, kindest, cheekiest and loving man I have ever met. Me and my mum were by his side when he took his last breath. He held on to life until the very end. He was at peace and comfortable. I am honoured to of had him in my life. It's only when you watch life end that you really understand what life is and how wonderful it is.

I have so many happy memories of him. I loved him so much. He used to have the biggest smile in the world. And he got me into the BENO. He used to be impressed when I wore tartan. All of my outfits were successes in his eyes. He would say "is that new?" and I would talk him through it. I think that I will start wearing tartan again. I miss it. I miss him.

I don't know what else to type,

I love you Grandad, Rest in peace.

Amber ♥

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I will be forever 21...

Hey guys,

First, I apologise for the long absence from this blog, it is inexcusable but I am hoping you will forgive me. This post is dedicated to my new love, Forever 21.

I have never before walked into a clothes shop and fallen in love, which is surprising considering I have shopped wherever I have gone in the world and yet Stratford City Westfield was all it took. Now for the ones who read this in far off lands, the Forever 21 in Westfield is 3 floors of perfection. If you need an outfit for anything, head there. I think I could of spent a good hour just in the shoes. The jewellery is a quarter of the 3rd floor and sparkles like no tomorrow. The bags and cute accessories could fill baskets on their own. And that's before you get to the main event, the clothes. 3 floors of something for everyone, literally.  I have a random fashion sense and all you have to do is walk through the doors and you will find something for your taste. Every time I have walked through those doors with a newbie they have fallen in love too (often filling a basket or making a wish list) I suppose it's a bit like magic.

While in there I have purchased a few things - 2 hello kitty cardigans (they are so cute and I am a massive fan) and 1 hello kitty jumper - bit OTT - I don't think so ☺ and a robot necklace which was so cute I couldn't not buy it. I will post them when I wear them ♥

I also have to comment on the price of the clothing - as a fashionista on a budget the high-street usual were  good hunting grounds but now I have a new turf - Forever.... The clothes are very reasonable price and better quality than most shops and I am truly charmed.

Well I have spoke their praises enough - I even love the changing rooms!



Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Bucket List.... Version 0.1

Hey guys,

To celebrate a certain landmark (5,226 page views to this little blog) I have decided to write my fashion bucket list. My dreams for fashion and what I would want to own (or just seen) before I die. By the way this list accompanies my list of personal goals and everyone's dream for a better world.

Here it goes:

  1. This is major one for me. I want to own a Chanel Handbag. I want to save my hard earned money and treasure it. I want to walk into the shop and leave a changed person.
  2. I want to sit at Paris Fashion Week amongst the most respected people in the industry. I want to stand out and watch the shows as a person who sees the art in clothes. The beauty of a fast-paced world.
  3. I want to find the perfect pair of shoes. I want to walk for miles in them. I will treasure them forever.
  4. I want to go to Coco Chanel's apartment. I may pass out. It's one of the once in a lifetime things.
  5. I want to get something from Tiffany's in New York. Looking like Mrs.Hepburn.
  6. I want to go to Comic Con dressed as Padmé Naberrie. I am geek and by far she is the most fashionable. Well maybe Lara Croft but only if Militarian is in at the time.  
  7. I want to travel the world and buy every outfit I wear in the country I go to. Leave with no clothes end up with the best styles from everywhere.
  8. I want to go to New York. I have a kind of obsession with the place. I want to be there and be inspired.
  9. I want to see the things that inspire designers. I want to see how the most beautiful of pieces steam from the most beautiful of muses.
  10. I want to go to the places where fashion needs to reach. India and the middle east. I want to make fashion more than labels. I want it to change people's lives.
So that's my list. What's yours?


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Summer Lovin'.....

Hey Guys and Dolls,

So I recently went on holiday to Greece and I stayed in a place called Tolo on the Peloponnese. I did much tanning and swimming, met some lovely people whom I plan to keep in contact with forever and yes I shopped!

While the majority of my holiday was spent enjoying a cool beverage/ ice cream by the pool or on the beach I did manage to get quiet a lot of shopping done actually and hit some major trend branches on my way.

Firstly I went on a short jewellery craze. I bought two necklaces from a company called Fly (fairy one and the hello kitty one) - they are going to look so kitsch and cute I cannot wait to wear them. I also bought an E=mc² bracelet - It's very special equation for me, not only was it thought of by one of my hero's Einstein but also because in my very first Chemistry lesson of Secondary School I said it and everyone looked at me and thought I was a geek, well guys I am, deal with it. I then bought a Juicy Couture Charm for my bracelet in Hydra (a Greek island) of flowers in a basket as it was both summery and seriously awesome - although it will weigh a lot lol! Finally I bought a Aphrodite charm for a necklace. As some of you know I write an advice blog called Dear Aphrodite ( and think I am the most like her out of the 12 other Greek Gods. It was made by an amazing silversmith in Tolo and it will always remind me of my holiday.

I also bought several bags. The two pictured are a hello kitty backpack - I am the hello kitty child, it sooo cute I couldn't resist and a floral print bag from Tally Weijl which is both beach chic but will carry me through to autumn as well.

Finally to hit a massive trend is a little pattern that has splashed across the catwalks and filtered to the high street - Stars by Dolce and Gabbana. Now as my allowance like many teenagers will not stretch to D&G, I was lucky to of come across my own take on the trend in a scarf/sarong. This was found in a shop called Jasmine in Hydra and it was one of many beautiful objects in the shop. It was so hard to choose but I am so lucky to of found such a A/W 2011 staple. Here it is:

So thanks for allowing me to take you guys through my summer holiday purchases,

Stay true to your own style,


Monday, 25 July 2011

My Tears Dry On Their Own....♥

Hey guys,

This post, as you might of guessed, is dedicated to the late, great and soulful Miss Amy Winehouse. On Saturday 23rd July around 4pm she was found dead at her home in Camden. She lived in one of the coolest places in London and was undoubtedly the coolest of soul/jazz/rock/pop (you really can't put her into a box) singers London has ever seen. It was no shock to see the side synonymous with her persona in the magazines, the drink and the drugs hardly made anyone surprised. But every now and again you would catch a glimpse of the Real Amy, the smart and frankly amazing star that caused such a stir in the music industry.

Her mile-high distressed beehive and the black fierce eyeliner flicks made her stand out from the crowd alongside a beautiful figure and a stream of tattoos down her arms. She had an incredible way of making all her clothes cool, paired usually with black heels and effortless glamour. I have never seen a more down to Earth star. She wore what she wanted and never hid behind couture, as just wearing a normal dress was all that it needed to become couture. I also admire the way she ignored the only wear an outfit once 'rule' in women's fashion. I never understood why you cannot wear the same dress again and I love she seemed to feel the same.

Her music. Well Amy, you would be glad to know your back in the charts but trust me you never left my heart. You were more than an idol, you were strong when people doubted you and you were strong when your heart was being tested by the press and I have to say that is a quality I would love to have. I admit some of your choices must of been hard and some maybe turned out not as planned but you stuck by them. Back to Black was truly a piece of art. You showed everyone how you really felt in song and you struck back at anyone trying to bring you down. I love the songs about love on the album too. You speak so honestly, it must of been good to let all your feelings out in the medium you love. I also have to comment on Valerie. You and Mark Ronson should be so proud. That song never will get old and without you it could of. You had a magic about making every song last a lifetime.

Amy, I am sad to say that you died at 27. That was too young and it shocked me to the core. I hope you are at peace now. I will never forget you and all that bad press that lead up before your death, they got you all wrong. You were a strong, smart and powerful girl who was not afraid to say and act the way you wanted and you just did not get the help you needed. For that the whole world now is saddened.

Despite the fact many of your gigs were mocked, Amy I really regret not being able to see you live.
I will never forget the impact you made on my life. You inspired me.

Thank you for writing such a huge part of my life. Now you go back to black and my tears dry....
Lots of Love, Rest in Peace,

Saturday, 23 July 2011

When you wish on your birthday....

Hey Guys,

Last Friday was my birthday yay! I am still a teenager but just a year older! I got some super cool birthday gifts and some of them were so fashionable it's incredible. I got this amazing silk scarf dress (see below) It's so flattering for summer and such a cool print in a bright colour I love it.

I also got bought several bags - a pink mini clutch and the massive handmade satchel you can see in the picture. I cannot say how much I love it and its size. So on trend too as I saw Agyness Deyn (possibly the biggest trendsetter ever) with a bright green one. I went for one more my style and vintage from

I also got a Betsey Johnson necklace to add to my large accessories collection. Its a mouse as that's a nickname my mum gave me from a young age. It is so cute in a vintage style and I have already worn it several times.

I got several other presents of sentimental value and that I honestly love and cannot wait to wear/enjoy and can safely say this birthday was one of the best I have ever had. With my best friends I went to Lush and had a fabulous party there with lots of cake and bubbles (not a usual mix) and I have to give credit to the guys at Lush Romford for truly being amazing and honouring me with a LUSH Legends box as a gift. I now own a good proportion of their shop and will always be a loyal customer of theirs. Trust me guys, if you want a good shopping experience and have your life changed, these guys are the people to see.

Also I wanted to share a present I got from my girls ellie and baylee. I think it says everything.

Finally Happy Birthday Me!

Lots of love guys,
Keep wishing,

Thursday, 7 July 2011

See the light....

Hey Guys,

It's the end of the day here, soon people will be dreaming the future and wishing for tomorrow. I find this time of night, just as the sun sets, my most productive time. This is when I think of the people I want to be near and the things I need to accomplish.

When you see things clearly you can come across some startling truths. You see the truth in your heart and who holds it at that moment. You see the career you will take one day. You see the outfit that will make you great.

I am not materialistic but often my dreams revolve around a person or a thing. Sometime I can't sleep as my mind whirrs with random thoughts so I have to keep a notebook just to make sense of it.

Sweet Dreams Fashionistas,


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Philosophy I came up with today ♥

Hey guys,

Not long till my birthday. I am still a teen though so don't worry, what will I do when I hit twenty hmmm... well that's far from now so I am not too worried.

Today while I was on the bus, thinking about my outfit I was amazed to come up with this little philosophy for my blog:

"Fashion is defined not by the clothes themselves but the person you are when you wear them ♥"

I think it's quiet good. I am immensely proud to be a fashionista and will now live my life by this motto.

Today I was a walking fashion magazine, with a combo of colour-blocking, florals, metallics and destressed denim. I have a habit of turning skirts and tops into dresses and today was no exception ☺

I also made my very first pizza from scratch, no mean feet but the best thing I can make.

Speak soon guys,


Sunday, 26 June 2011

I am so sorry ♥

Dear everyone who reads this,

It feels like a long time since I have sat at this desk about to write a blog post. Exams are a killer and have taken every moment of my life for over a month and all wrapped up officially on Thursday *phew* And jeez the government say exams have been getting easier well I wish that mine had been easy to start with! I did lots of revision so I am keeping my fingers crossed and will let you know on the 25th August how I do.

Anyway that (granted very important but mind-aching) part of my life has closed for another year so now onto one of my true loves, reporting my take on trends to you, the best readers I could ask for.

Summer is well and truely upon us here in London with temperatures hitting 30 today! I'm in the shade and still melting! So my wardrobe has done a summer 360 YAY! I have to admit I have a new addiction - dresses. I currently have 7 day dresses and 3 going out ones in various floral patterns and hues. I also love skirts and am racking up a fair collection of them too. I am however in serious need of new shoes. I have a relatively small shoe collection to be fair - 4 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of converse, one pair of black pumps and a pair of wedges. If anyone can suggest something new I would seriously love you as currently I cannot find anything right and it's seriously annoying.

So you will be hearing a lot more from me in the weeks come by ♥

Keep in touch via twitter, IFB or comment below - I would love to reach out to more of you.


Sunday, 15 May 2011

LUSH Round-Up & General Chat ♥

Hey guys,

It's been too long since I sat at my computer to write down a post to the world. Load the page, hit play on the ipod shuffle and sit at the desk. Well now 'Dramatic Voice' is the time☺

So my Brief Lush Easter Round up:
Donkey Oaty - loved the smell but the colour was not pleasent sorry!

Fluffy Egg - seriously the best smell and a pleasure to bathe in 10/10

Hippy Chick - Bought these in mass, was sooooo good! Still have one left ♥

Street Party - Named for a certain Royal Wedding however this was too much glitter which is not my thing but it did have a seriously fab smell.
So I am keeping well,loving life and fashion, reading vogue inbetween revision guides, atm I'm tired tho so I'm just going to log off, then tweet from my phone, then sleep ♥
Lots of love guys,

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Day a Modern Prince Married His Princess ♥

Hello fellow fashionable people,

Once upon a time a young Kate Middleton bumped into a Prince of Wales in St.Andrews, A decade later they made their vows in one of the most beautiful weddings the world had ever seen. For fashion this event was to shape the bridal trend as much as Diana's gown had all those years ago.

For the other guests there were many hats like satellite dishes, Tara Palmer Tomkinson took royal blue to a new level with rhino horn hat, Samantha Cameron colour blocked in brilliant green Burberry and a clashing orange cardigan, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice showed that Vivienne Westwood and Valentino are fabulous but the hats they chose errm not so much and the Queen herself looking radiant in a yellow Angela Kelly dress.

However, what we were all waiting for was that dress, Duchess of Cambridge's (that's her new title - it's Kate btw) Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress that stole the show. It was beautiful and jaw-droppingly amazing in every way. With a 50's style it was perfect for the vintage fairytale setting of Westminster Abbey. Catherine the Commoner-no-more wrote a love story and today she won a Prince, no, in fact he won her as she truly is a Princess; Intelligent, Beautiful and Loving.

So with a tear in my eye I welcome to the world a new royal and her man,
One day they will rule England and I will be there to write the next chapter in the best loved story in Britain today...

So here's a toast to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Catherine and Prince William, Kate and Wills,

Lots of love, blessings and well wishes,

Princess (in my dreams) LDN TEENAGE FASHIONISTA xox

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yesterday I climbed several mountains....

Hey guys,

Sorry for being A.W.O.L recently I have been swamped with issues bigger than myself and it has taken until this break in my revision schedule to write this blog but here I am ☺

So yesterday was very important for me, It was the first time I had worn wedges and the first time I had worn heels to anywhere that required a journey on public transport. And it was a success ☺ only 3 stumbles in all, none of them fatal and only one blister which for me is pretty amazing.

In fashion wise I had style. I wore my wedges (see pic) with a vintage dress, grey cardigan and brown shoulder bag - whole outfit was around the £50 mark which is reasonable. Yet I fitted in with the Chanel clutching, Prada shoes wearing women that dominate Canary Wharf fashion. All the women that work there strut amongst the skyline with an air of fabulousness not seen anywhere else, the pride they take in their work is just a visible as the pride with which they wear their clothes. I am honestly proud to know just some of the women that work in that amazing place and will go up their at the flick of a switch just to breathe the air.

The place proves that London really is amazing,


Friday, 18 March 2011

Say Goodbye, but don't you cry 'cos true love never dies ♥

Dear all my friends and readers,

On the 2nd March 2011 I lost a true friend, sister and baby. Millie my beautiful Hamster went to the angels and a part of me died with her. I cannot write the sadness I felt in a blog post and grieving is the best way to move on but for me I need to write this.

She used to sit next to me in her cage and watch me as I wrote, she told me in her own way if she agreed with what I was writing. Her favourite artist was Gaga, I used to dance and so would she while Bad Romance blasted at a unbelievable level. She would always wake in the morning to wish me good luck with my day, and when I fed her at night she would come and see me off to sleep. Even in the times when she was too tired to get out of her patch of nesting, a nose twitch was all I needed to feel her love. I hope she felt mine back. Because baby if you are still watching me as I write this I really did love you.

I want you to see my baby in the way I did here are some pictures of her:

From the first day I got her:

To a few weeks before she died....♥

Baby, I love you and always have.

Sending my love down the line,

I miss you Millie,

Forever yours,


Monday, 7 March 2011

Just a Quickie!

Hey Guys,
Sorry for being away for a while, life has kinda been throwing crap at me and I have completely abandoned my passion for blogging. So this week I promise to make up for it.

So today just a brief word to let you know what will be coming up soon:

  • In Memoriam of the best hamster a girl could ask for R.I.P baby ♥
  • Summer soon - My staples for this season!
  • My new project to bring confidence to my school.  
  • And a few LUSH posts slotted in ☺
Finally to everyone that is reading this, I truly love and am humbled by you following the ramblings of a teenage girl who loves clothes and despite going through the trials of life has found peace with something she loves, Fashion.

To all of you, thank you for supporting me, I do this for you.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Vintage Day in the Angel ♥

Hey Guys,

Today I went to the Angel in London with my mate Ellie and we went round all the vintage shops, it was tres chic! After walking up and down the shops for hours, Lunch at Starbucks and FRAE frozen yogurt I am incredibly tired but never too much to blog for you all.

I wore  a mix of preppy and sporty chic:


I got a really pretty vintage dress for summer and a cool polka dot shirt that I will post when I sort an outfit out for them ☺

Anyway till next time,

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy 1st Birthday my little blog!!! :')

Hey guys,

Today, exactly a year ago I had a brain-wave to start a little blog about fashion. I never thought I would be able to keep it up and sitting here a year later I feel very proud. I never thought I would get any readers and I now have 28 followers (via both bloglovin' and the blogger subscription) and 13 fashionable people following my twitter. Even though this to many may not seem very impressive - to me it is immensely amazing and a huge confidence boost. When life was rough or I was low, I turned to my blog and the fashion connected with it and it bought me pure happiness. To celebrate this momentous day (as promised on twitter) I said I would write about a day in the life of a fashionista. However, I was at school today so my day was not that interesting so I thought I would take each one of my subjects and write something fashionable related to it, so here we go:

Maths: All outfits are maths really! You get the staple item, add some fab accesories, a good pair of shoes and some sweet extras i.e. a button shirt over a tee. It's a precise equation that all women do every morning (and sometimes evening), 365 days a year. When you make a positive choice it can make all the issues in your day seem insignificant because you feel confident in yourself. Also note there is never a negative choice in fashion. You may not like what the person is wearing but they picked it to express themselves, however shocking that expression may be.

Geography: Well Without the world's geography we would not have New York Fashion Week, London or Paris. No one would be inspired by jetting to the Eiffel Tower or the Statue Of Liberty, there would be no chance of anyone ever being able to find a country as a muse. How boring would fashion be then? Also different countries create fashion and then it is distributed globally. All part of the cycle of the global fashionable economy.

French: Now this one is easy. J'adore la mode! Paris est Parfait! From Dior to Chanel. Coco to Lagerfeld. All the greatest fashion families are based in Paris, it is the heart that beats all around the world. They have changed the way we dress for hundreds of years - and show no sign of slowing.

I.T: This is how I communicate with you through my blog, we follow each other on bloglovin' etc., companies like Vogue used the Iphone App's to post news to all of us, and every web page with images of the clothes we love! Also where would us fashionista's be without Ebay and Online Shopping - I would actually not of got into fashion at all.

Biology: Without biology we would not be male or female so therefore fashion would not exist and we would still be basic single celled organisms with no fashion sense - What an awful life!

To wrap up this Blogs Birthday I will show you some Pictures I took today that are quiet cool:

^My beautiful Cat Woozle ♥ 9yrs old^

^My cute hamster Millie ♥  - 2 years, 2 months and 9 days old^

I love blogging and will see you guys soon with my next post,

To all my followers I love you,


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentines With a Simple Heart...

Hey Guys,

Valentines is all about being with the one you love right? Well for me it was just me and my family - So I left my post till the day after out of respect for the love.

Lush certainly helped me with this day by providing the two nicest presents a single girl could get:

^The Ex Factor^ The bomb to get rid of that annoying Ex! Smells of Vanilla and is totally cute - good for a distress ♥

^Slightly Damaged Frog Prince^ - He is supposed to have another eye but he is sooo cute. Kiss him and be assured of a fabulous smelling bath - the jasmin and rose will blow you away ♥

^My love of jewellery^ Juicy Charm Bracelet, Accessorise 'I love you' Necklace and Primark LOVE ♥
Untill the day I get roses from a guy, Valentines will stay the banoffee and hot chocolate day!

Luv you guys,


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring Time In London Town!

Hey fashionistas,

According to thoes God's that dictate what clothes we wear and when - It's Spring, although as I found out today,spring can mean anything from sun and blue skies to 6 million mile an hour winds and rain :/ So choosing what to wear is pointless because you still need a black lether bomber jacket and scarf just to keep warm!
Today I wore a Denim Shirt over my fave panda tee-shirt and some blue denim leggings (+ scarf and bomber jacket) - a far cry from the sleeveless vests and shorts fashion rules would tell us it's perfect time to wear!

Hopefully soon I will be able to go out more weather appropriate, but for now it's still too cold.

Anyway wherever you are - Be yourself because No one else will!

Lots of Luv,

Thursday, 27 January 2011

LUSH, Fashion + Music: Space Girl to Space Cowboy

Hey guys,

This post was an inspiration so I will break with my usual LUSH on Monday to bring you a combination I think will work, LUSH, music and fashion.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bathing in a LUSH bomb call Space Girl (see below) which smelt of pamar violets (sweets that I ♥) and sparkled like mini stars and galaxies - a fabulous relaxing bath for even the most hectic of days.

On the fashion front  Giorgio Armani Prive has a bit of a rep for thinking out of this world if you want to view the images see here

And the song I quoted is Space Cowboy by Jamiroquai if you want to check it out I recommend you do!
So guys I hope you enjoyed my mega combination post - I definitely did,

Monday, 24 January 2011

LUSH ON MONDAY! Final Christmas Post :'(

Hey guys,

My last post on the long lost christmas products :( If you are, like me holding on to the last little bombs, show gels and scents then this is for you!

My last Lush present I will present to you is:


In this box you get:

^Snow Fairy^ The goddess of all shower gels and one of the nicest sweet smells of all Lush :)

^Angel's Delight^ A pink sparkly Star that shines and smells amazing - you may get the theme of this gift :)

^Shimmy Shimmy^ This massage bar is STAYING after Christmas and I love the sweet-almost-coconut smell and the glitter it covers you in (think twilight vampire sparkle) I love it soo much I own two!

So thats the box but before I say bye to Christmas there is one Bubble bar I have left behind for a good reason because it's sister is a Lush regular:

^This is Candy-Cane or after Christmas it will go back to Creamy Candy^ This is my ultimate bubble bar as it smells like cotton candy and you can make it last up to 4 baths (its also the cheapest bubble bar) The bubbles are natural and only need heat to be activated - who wants a cold bath anyway? 
My next Lush will be as good but on my favourite Lush scent for a change,
Thanks for following me,


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lazy day....transformed into a shopping one!

Hey guys,

Well this is nice, My would be Lazy day has turned into a fun one! I went shopping wearing this:

(Boots from Next, Leggings from Primark, Tartan Skirt from a vintage shop, Gun's and Rose's tee, Tartan scarf from Primark and Long drape cardi from another vintage shop)

And while I was out I scored a Spring fashion find from New Look:

Camel will be huge this season and the vintage day dress is also key, floaty skirt ans sharp sleeves + collar make looking like a 1950's Doll very chic.

Seeya guys soon,

Keep it chic,


Sunday, 16 January 2011

La moda di Prima Ballerina (the fashion of the premiere female dancer)

Ciao fashionistas,

This Friday marks the opening of Black Swan. Leading lady, Natalie Portman sheds her good girl image in this gritty Ballet Thriller. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in modern times and this film shows her at her best.

This film has created a huge amount of hype and fashion has trailed this film as you would expect. If this has inspired you to pick up some ballet beautiful pieces then do before it’s too late.

Luv you guys soo much,


Monday, 10 January 2011

LUSH on Monday!

Hey guys,

Life has been hard recently and hence I have increased my LUSH use by a lot! My next Lush review is on the Christmas gift I received: the Matryoshka.

This gift was wrapped as a Russian Doll and contained Three sections: 

^Snow White ballistic & limited edition soap (the red and green coloured soap forming the outsides)^
This ballistic smells like apple blossom and is amazing for a cute foam bath. The soap is still as good-smelling and amazing when you need to chill out.

^Cinders bath ballistic^ This is my ultimate Christmas ballistic - the spicy smell, the crackling popin' candy and the cute warming colour ♥ simply fab! ♥

Hope you enjoyed my LUSH review :)


Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year! New Blog Trend! Fresh Handmade Cosmetics!

Happy New Year Followers,

So I have a not-so-secret passion and it's the beauty of LUSH handmade Cosmetics. Now I know this is a fashion blog but I think good cosmetics are fashionable too and to keep your body 'Classy and Fabulous' you need to use good products and I swear by Lush.

Since I was born my mother lovingly bathed me with the sweet smells of Lush and ever since its been my addiction, growing with age. So now, alongside my fashion, I will review Lush products on a Monday.

Today I will start by reviewing one of the sadly gone but amazing Christmas Prezzies - Christmas Allsorts!

This Box contained the three bath ballistics (bombs) that you see here and I took individual images so I could review them in turn:

^Satsumo Santa ^ - Beautiful smell, very citrus and lush! Bright red colour but that's not a problem!
Soft water a delight to bath in!

^Li'l Lush Pud^ - Really does smell like Xmas pudding, very seasonally spicy!
Kinda creamy brown colour water which is intriguing! Again the water is lovely, especially if it's a cold day!

^The Bӧӧg^  Smells of Christmas herbs - sounds strange but it's amazing!
Water you would assume to be white but there are coloured parts in the back which release a rainbow into the bath and the water ends up a purple colour! Is a lovely bath for a party day!

I hope you enjoyed my Lush debut!

Lots of sweet smelling Luv,