Sunday, 27 November 2011

Immortality of the Soul (2)

Readers, Friends,

Yesterday at 9.15am I lost my great-grandad John Henderson. He was 95. He had lived through the end of one and fought in the second World War. He was the strongest, kindest, cheekiest and loving man I have ever met. Me and my mum were by his side when he took his last breath. He held on to life until the very end. He was at peace and comfortable. I am honoured to of had him in my life. It's only when you watch life end that you really understand what life is and how wonderful it is.

I have so many happy memories of him. I loved him so much. He used to have the biggest smile in the world. And he got me into the BENO. He used to be impressed when I wore tartan. All of my outfits were successes in his eyes. He would say "is that new?" and I would talk him through it. I think that I will start wearing tartan again. I miss it. I miss him.

I don't know what else to type,

I love you Grandad, Rest in peace.

Amber ♥

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