Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Latest Beauty Reviews...

Hey everyone,

So my skin regime has been working really well on the whole recently (if you want to see the current post click here), but I noticed that tee tree alone was not strong enough to really get shot of my spots. So about two weeks ago I decided to pick up the Superdrug Deep Action anti-blemish gel which it claims has the maximum concentration of salicylic acid allowed, and based on the results I have seen so far, I'm impressed and a proper review will come after a months use. 

Also I've been loving some lip products. First are two lip balms, one is the Lip Service from Lush which is very healing and good if you have dry or chaffed lips. It is very solid when you get a new tin but it soon melts with body heat and becomes a perfect consistency, which when applied to the lips is just perfect. It is very neutrally tasting so perfect if you have a favourite flavour gloss to go over the top as it won't ruin it.

But then my tin of Lip Service, which had been outlasting everything in my make up bag, got used up and so I bought my second lip product, which was the Nivea Essential Care lip balm. This is an old classic but personally I used to hate the taste of the balm, which I know is only minor to how well it works, but on trying for the past days I've learnt to really love it and it's healing properties are better than any of my other Chapsticks, so for now I am choosing nourishment, especially in this colder weather where my lips dry out a lot.

So finally to a face mask. I love doing a weekly mask and I previously was using the Tea Tree on from The Body Shop, but I had loads of Lush pots cluttering up my room so I exchanged 5 of them for my ultimate mask Catastrophe Cosmetic. It is blueberry based and smells divine as well as containing calming calamine which is very great at bringing down redness if you are having a bad skin day. The mask dries nicely but as it has so many healing and soothing ingredients it doesn't actually dry out your skin and is perfect in my opinion!

I hope you all enjoyed my beauty reviews,

See you soon for a fashion week related post
All the best,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥️  

Friday, 26 September 2014

Be in tip-top condition...

Hey all,

It is rather ironic that I am writing this post as I am watching Strictly Come Dancing,which is by far the most sparkly TV show ever, and I am talking about my new love - embellished tops. Not only are they the perfect evening outfit but they also often don't require jewellery as they come with essentially a necklace attached.

So I hope you all feel slightly sparkly now, Strictly was interesting tonight but I can see a few who are doing well straight out of the gate .

Anyway next post is my beauty reviews,
Hope you are well,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Thursday, 18 September 2014

My Favourite Nail Polish Atm...

Hello all, 

My beauty reviews are coming soon but as I am still testing the products, I wanted to post a review of my favourite nail polish of the moment, instead. 

The polish in question is the Kiko Nail Lacquer in Shade 303 Beige Chrome (currently £3.90) not only is it inexpensive but it is a great colour that suits all outfits. 
One coat is good enough for a sparkly top coat action as it is can be applied slightly sheerer with a think swipe of the nails, but two coats are recommended for the fullest colour. 

I then also apply a top coat. The one I have is the Sally Hansen Mega Shine which just causes the sparkle to, well, shine and helps the polish last. 

I find the polish lasts 4/5 days depending on what you do. Which is great considering it's price! The brush is fairly wide for easy application and it's by far the best polish to apply by yourself. 

I would recommend Kiko to anyone as I love there other beauty products too!

Anyway speak soon,

LDN xx♥️

N.B. This post is not sponsored and I my hope is to post one beauty and one fashion post a week :)