Monday, 31 December 2012

2012: A year when fashion went forwards by going backwards...

Hey guys,

So the end of 2012 is drawing near and I am taking this time out of my ridiculous work schedule to write the post about all the fashion trends we enjoyed this year - the highs and the lows.

It seems to be that this year fashion went backwards and drew inspiration from the past, such as 1920's flapper dresses, Leather and the body-con dresses (popularised by shows such as The Hour and Mad Men) from the 60's, Calamity Jane cowgirl style from the 40's, Militarian Chic inspired by Lara Croft made a return from the 90's and a lot of sequins strutted there way from the disco of the 80's.

It is an hour from midnight and I am reminiscing on all I have learnt from fashion this year. Basically this year was all about bringing back the past - the good and the bad. It was clear where the fashionistas were drawing their inspiration from: good times in their lives, the films they love and the things they always wanted to wear! Even though some styles were not perfect for me, it was nice to see style revivals that were so inspired and nice for me to experience as I was not around to witness them the first time.

Secondly, on my style look back, I have to commend some particular fashionistas whose styles rocked this year. Particular mention goes to Blake Lively who is stunning all the time, Rachel Bilson whose style in Hart of Dixie was seriously chic even better that it seemed completely unpractical for a doctor and finally, I could not forget Catherine 'Kate' Middleton - whose effortless combination of high street luxe and that infamous engagement ring made her a style icon. Everything from coral skinny jeans while playing hockey to that fab emerald green dress at sports personality of the year just made her stand out head and shoulders from the crowd.

So this year has been a hectic one for me but I have made new friends on the blogosphere and have lots new ideas to head into the new year with, I have some opportunities to guest write available coming up if anyone is interested and also would like to spend more time learning about fashion, I feel as if I need to go to Paris but hey we will have to wait and see.

So as I have put no pictures on this post which is not the norm, I will give you one of my beautiful cat Woozle who approves all of my clothes as I bring them in from the shops,

Have a happy new year everyone, here is to a good 2013!

Love as always,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Friday, 30 November 2012

Top winter looks!

Hey guys,

I'm currently sitting in my room, huddled under blankets, refusing to leave my warm bed to venture outside to the cold and college. I know I am not alone. However, I do understand it is needed to leave the house, especially as it is the Yule tide season and presents won't buy themselves!!

It is therefore I would like to impart my recommendations for looking great while keeping warm!

1. Coats are key! I have three full length coats: one black - which is a must key staple! (it was in the sale in Wallis last year!), one tan/beige trench - it's been in outfit posts before and I love it! And I also have a new pink one that is fab, yet to be worn but I cannot wait to!

2. Wear Warm! Don't wear stuff that will give you pneumonia! It's not a good look! Put the shorts and mini skirts away unless worn with the thickest tights but seriously girls don't freeze to death in the name of fashion, it is not worth it!

3. Avoid the over layering look! If you wear a style don't mix it with 11 different patterns and textures attempting the looks you see in Vogue! Most of the time the layered looks are just achieved attempting to show off every bit of designer clothes they can and are with the aim of inspiring not copying!

4. This is for the lads! Christmas jumpers are really cute and most of you have good style (judging by my latest non uni day) but please ditch the chinos in vomit colours and wear jeans instead. It's a much better look. Oh and Levi's are very hot.

5. And lastly, have a merry christmas guys whatever you do. My christmas tree is going up today woo! My most important christmas accessory is my christmas pjs and slippers worn once a year with pride! This year it's pandas and hello kitty!

Luv you guys,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 18 November 2012

It's all white, but it's ok...

Hey guys,

I have recently become aware of a new trend that is either putting fear or delight into the hearts of fashionistas the world over.

The WHITE Stiletto is back. (Queue spooky, dramatic music) Now leading trendsetters such as SJP and the Duchess of Cambridge herself have been carrying off the trend in full confidence, yet the mere image of the shoes to some women causes a horror flash back to the 80's and the memory of fashion disasters of old.

Personally, I am much to young to remember the days when they first came into fashion but I have to say the women who have been wearing them look amazing, but, and it's a big but like all trends, they come with a health warning: there is a time and a place. These shoes are white, therefore rain and mud will make you look awful without any doubt, also they do draw the eye to the foot so keep that in mind if you have larger feet than some.

So I guess they will forever be shoe marmite, either loved or hated, what do you guys think?


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New college, new uniform. It's all a bit magical!

Hey guys,

So sorry for the lateness of this post the last month has been hectic to say the least. I am now a college student woo! It's very tiring yet I am still at the same school so it is not as if I am having to learn my way around (however I haven't learnt my timetable so I still get lost lol!)

Anyway apart from the fact I know get to wear a pencil skirt which is on trend and not the horrid uniform of before the main point of this post lies with a place far from my school but slightly linked to it.

Basically me and my mum have this joke that my school is like Hogwarts as it is just as big, has similar houses and I'm sure if your not looking the staircases move! And who in Hogwarts is fashionable do you ask (unless you want to look like an antique wizard or a ghost), well of course it's Miss Granger herself, Emma Watson.

Now since she was a young teenager Emma has been catapulted into the spotlight and its fair to say that at first the fashion was interesting to say the least. However, it seems that she grew out of that fast and the dress robes were left behind with the demise of Hogwarts. Nowadays she has cemented herself as a style icon, and long may she reign!

Here is to a new chapter of life!

Hope school/college or uni is going good for you guys!


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday night reading!

Hey guys,

So I'm just hanging out in my room and today I purchased my first september issue of a magazine and it was (drum roll please) Teen Vogue!

It was an excellent read with lots of tips for how to take the latest trends from the catwalk to the wardrobe and also the interview with Selena Gomez is beautifully shot and written with some lovely casual style images that show chic beach looks and what appears to be a bare faced Selena - a refreshing change to the heavily made up beauty section nearer the back of the magazine. Finally it has some nice back to school/fall fashions that would suit anyone and can slot into any wardrobe with ease.

I also want to show my latest manicure from my lovely mummy - which combines a pop bright pink that would of exploded of any outfit but I managed to tone it down with some pale pink glitter smash as a top coat.

My next post will be show jumping its way to you on Monday but till then,


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bucket List 2.0

Hey guys,

Ok so the last time I wrote a bucket list (1.0) I had just broken the 5,000 page view barrier and now I am sitting here and my little blog has now had 11,698 and I thought I had better update it as shockingly I have done one of them already (in part at least)

Here it goes:
  1. This is major one for me. I want to own a Chanel Handbag. I want to save my hard earned money and treasure it. I want to walk into the shop and leave a changed person.
  2. I want to sit at Paris Fashion Week amongst the most respected people in the industry. I want to stand out and watch the shows as a person who sees the art in clothes. The beauty of a fast-paced world.
  3. I want to find the perfect pair of shoes. I want to walk for miles in them. I will treasure them forever.
  4. I want to go to Coco Chanel's apartment. I may pass out. It's one of the once in a lifetime things.
  5. I want to get something from Tiffany's in New York. Looking like Mrs.Hepburn.(as much as possible)
  6. Now 6 is being updated as I will go to Comic Con dressed as Lara Croft because 1,  Padmé Naberrie is hard to get perfect and 2, as luck would have it I predicted that Militarian would be in and it is. Oh and who doesn't want to look like a kick ass woman! 
  7. I want to travel the world and buy every outfit I wear in the country I go to. Leave with no clothes end up with the best styles from everywhere.
  8. I want to go to New York. I have a kind of obsession with the place. I want to be there and be inspired.
  9. I want to see the things that inspire designers. I want to see how the most beautiful of pieces steam from the most beautiful of muses.
  10. I want to go to the places where fashion needs to reach. India and the middle east. I want to make fashion more than labels. I want it to change people's lives. 

Firstly, 1 through to 5 have not changed, still not completed but hey, I am only young. 
6 is updated. 
7, well I bought and wore a sarong in Greece and a beaut scarf in the Himalayas in India so I guess I have made progress. 
8 has not happened yet.
9 is a tough one but I will go to every V&A exhibit until I have had my mind blown, I thought it was bad when I was inspired to write this blog. 
10 is completed in part as I did get to go to India and it was amazing, the last part is a personal goal of this blog and of my life.

 I don't ever really wear designer labels like I would want to but fashion is a huge part of my life. I want everyone who reads my blog to understand that I am just an ordinary girl who isn't draped in designer gear 24/7 but is quiet comfortable turning items of the high street into outfits that can rival a designer collection. 

Anyway, its not about the label on the clothes, its the person you feel like when you are in them. 

That's the message I try to send out by writing this blog. 

Endless luv readers,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Fifty Years Missing You...♥

Hey Guys and Dolls,

This post is my way of remembering a legend, Miss Marilyn Monroe.

Today is 50 years since she was taken from Earth and I can't help but think how she would of looked glamorous in her old age were she still with us now. However to still feel her presence is a blessing we are not allowed but instead we get to remember her as the beautiful icon that glistened and shone to the whole world.

The blonde bombshell, the icon, the superstar - all good descriptions and all correct. She was the woman every woman wanted to be and was certainly a male pin-up and it was her fame that catapulted her and at the same time bought her heartbreak.

When it came to fashion there can be no faulting her. Her iconic dresses that were designed by William Travilla, at her height of her fame, are true marvels especially the gold pleated dress that caused a censorship stir, just after that followed by the white dress and the subway vent in The Seven Year Itch and finally of course the iconic pink dress draped in diamonds and that large bow in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
When she wasn't pursing her lips in that pose and smiling with that blonde hair curled at a photo shoot for a movie or at an event, there are the simple photos such as her in the Mexican wrap cardigan contemplating the world by the beach, showing that even at her most natural, she radiated beauty from within.

She was an intelligent lady fully aware of what she needed to do to become an icon. She rose to the top from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe in 36 short years. Her personal life was one of a troubling nature but to the public she was held on a pedestal. In the recent NBC series Smash there was a song that Karen sings as she plays Marilyn and if you get a moment then check it out as I believe it sums up the highlights of Marilyn's life as if it's her words to us.

Marilyn, this is my personal bit to you directly. I want you to know that you are a star and even though you are not with us, it's been 50 years and the world loves you just as much. The hardships you had in your life are inspiring to me and the fact you were so successful is a tribute to you. The more I learn about you the more I wish I could of met you or at least been able to see you in the flesh. For what you did for women with curves, fashion will never forget you and also thank you for all the outfits that you made iconic. I will always be inspired by you. I am a true fan.
Marilyn, rest in peace,

Luv you guys too,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Backflip in style and sparkle!

Hey guys,

So as the Olympic gymnastic team final finished last night with the hot team GB men finishing 3rd and the beautiful team GB ladies did an amazing 6th place. Congrats from me to the winners of every part of the Olympics so far it's incredible to watch such determined athletes achieve their dreams.

Although I have talked about the uniforms before in general - this post aims to show off something that caught me and my mums eye while watching last nights event at the games: the amazing leotards of the women gymnasts.

Considering the huge flexibility required to be a gymnast, the outfits follow suit but they also show some personality and sophistication, while also showing the nations flag colour scheme. Particular highlights included:
  • Of course I am a Team GB supporter and the lions mane logo is shown in sparkling red or deep blue on the metallic leotards of the gymnasts.
  • I also wanted to highlight the Team USA gymnasts who both a starry purple leotard in qualification and as well had a ornate red sparkly leotard that sparkled as brightly as the ladies smiles as they won team gold.

All in all the ladies looked so incredible and the amazing team work that they showed on the whole world through competing together is a skill we should all take from this event and the games.


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nice dress ma'am!

Hey guys,

So this is a post about something that is important to being from England, but especially London.

You may of guessed this is about the wonderful Queen Elizabeth 2, who is by far the most stylish Queen and leads the rest of the royals in the fashion stakes - HRH Catherine watch and learn because one day I hope to say the same thing about you.

Her majesty is never afraid of a bold colour which is a key 2012 trend - a special mention to the canary yellow Angela Kelly dress to the royal wedding of Kate and Wills, which shone as much as her smile did.

However the reason I decided to write this post is because of the gorgeous pink attire the Queen wore to the Olympic opening ceremony where she showed all of us just how important he event was to her by joining in the humour (big praise to Mr Boyle for getting the balls to ask her!) Her peach Angela Kelly dress was a homage to the Great Gatsby vintage trend that has been circled this season and to top it off was a flower encrusted head piece and sparkling silver broach.

Luv as always,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Amy, Amy, Amy....

Hello Readers,

So this blog is really important yet hard for me to write.

Today is the day last year that I learnt that Amy Winehouse had passed away and it was a very dark day for me as I was such a huge fan of her and I will always regret never seeing her live.

As I have said before there was a soulful quality of her voice that will never be replicated - though I'm sure many will try. Back to Black is my go to album for just about every moment in time. I love it and, despite the fact she herself didn't like it, I also love Frank - especially Stronger Than Me which is the song for every empowered woman out there.

She was iconic and as a true icon should she has inspired fashion and culture forever. John Paul Gaultier's A/W 12-13 was a slightly controversial homage to the star and you only have to walk down Camden High Street and you'll see the very soul of Amy everywhere, I spent a week working there and I felt somehow closer to her.

Amy, its been a year since you died and I still feel the same sadness I did then. Thank you for writing two great albums and making such an impact in your time, even though it was cut short much to soon.


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic fiery fashions!

Hello readers,

So I am in London and the Olympics are 10 days away but the olympic hype has been increasing steadily for the last 7 years and now here it is.

So there are two major fashion revelations that have stood out to me:

Firstly, the American Olympic uniforms have been designed, as I'm sure you're are aware, by the power house that is Ralph Lauren however while the games are a matter of weeks away there is a political argument breaking out about the styling - some politicians are unhappy about the fact that the outfits were made in China - even though most things are nowadays and also there are comments that the team look like the French because of the beret and the lack of specific American flag display and it's position on the jacket.

All in all, I think the team look great and very smart but I understand the lack of the flag and how disappointing it must be but apparently they have been planning this since 2008 so it's a bit late to be launching a political argument on something that doesn't really matter at this late stage, the athletes will arrive and take part in a spectacle like no other and hopefully win medals for the country.

Secondly, the British Olympic team have had their uniforms designed by Stella McCartney and we had similar disapproval about the lack of red on the clothing (it seems like there will be a lot of countries looking similar as there are 5 colours that appear on all the flags) but I again have to say that I think they look sophisticated and I'm just glad that they are practical and not PJ style pants like the designers Spring 2012 collection. I would love to know your opinions on all of the Olympic outfits and their designers so please get in touch/comment below.

So overall although my city will be gridlocked for the next month during the games, I will be watching and hoping for some good Team GB wins but all who participate should be really proud because simply being able to is a huge achievement in itself and the games in my opinion are a way for the whole world to gather around and watch such a wide range of sport that there is something for everyone and at the same time hopefully promote world cohesion.

Speak soon guys,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

When illness strikes, fashion brings cheer!

Hey guys,

So I'm reading my teen vogue while in bed unwell and am healing already.

According to what I've been reading and observing as I wonder around London in my recent work experience, street style has become even more edgy as it becomes more mainstream to be alternatively attired.

How do already alternative dressers fight back? By heading even more extreme and even more unique. I am currently in love with the colour blue and so jeans and denim overshirts are my unique style but I'm sure it will change with time. Because as with humanity fashion evolves and so changes are ahead.

Let me know how your street style is evolving.


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hey guys,

This has been a mad time but I am now heading down a nice path of summertime before I have to hit the books in September and so I will use this endless time to my advantage and will blog more often and hopefully be able to bring some interesting words to the internet jungle.

I have decided that I will create a new series of posts on the great designers and muses of our time and will use that as the bases for 2 posts a week, along with intermittent musings on what I observe as London spring develops into summer.

Firstly, Ascot landed in Britain and as did the hats, apparently there were fashion police checking skirt length and that men were wearing hats and ties but somehow they let some of the most extravagant hats walk (I'm guessing sidewards) through the barriers into the paddock. Some of the best included a London 2012 torch hat and a double stacked bird cage - take a Google of them if you don't believe me. I just don't understand why the ladies do it, surely a pretty standard hat that matches your outfit would make you feel more glamorous. Maybe a touch of sparkle but a birdcage really?! What are you showing to the world?

Secondly, A number of festivals have hit the UK and my observations suggest that Hunter Wellies and hot-pant shorts, coupled with a band appropriate tie tee shirt are the outfit of choice for the girls. Funny are the white converse brigade who don't grasp field + rain = mud. Hope the weather gets better for the later ones such as V or mud will be the theme instead of great music.

Finally, I love shopping but I hate taking things back. My most recent shopping spree (yesterday) although left me with some things, I also have 3 things that need taking back and maybe if they put air-conditioning into changing rooms and they didn't have such long queues I wouldn't of bought them at all. Saving me the extra trip. Hmm.

Anyway as that concludes my updated musings, goodbye until the next time,

Love (as always),

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 20 May 2012

#Exams and Incredible Women ♥

Hey Guys,

So I am currently about to embark on the 2nd week out of 55 days worth of exams, I know that some of you will also be in a similar position and yes although it is very stressful, my new belief is that every exam is one exam less and that the thoughts should only be about positive outcomes. It's cliché but surprising helpful in keeping me grounded. So does writing this actually. Tomorrow is biology but I am well prepared and I know that. Anyway back to fashion.

  • So firstly I am developing a love for Kate Moss - seriously can that woman look bad in anything. And she has a rock-star hubby. On the cover of Vogue to celebrate the Olympics on there way to my home town London she is one star that will keep on shining - cannot wait to see what she does next.
  • Also I'm having a bit of a fashion crush on one Miss Lea Michele from a little known show called Glee (lol jk.) She is completely fabulous and as a current Candie's Girl she also happens to be very fashion savvy, making a number of excellent fashion choices including her latest looks both on the red carpet at the Met Gala and I especially love her hair for her performance in the Glee National final - I have been singing 'Its all coming back to me now' since it aired on Thursday (I am also very jealous of her voice) 

So until next time fashionistas - Love you, 

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hey guys,

Once upon a time I had a lot of free time, now I suddenly don't so this post has been a long time coming...sorry.

So well for those of you who like my Facebook page you will of seen I have been very busy running around all over London and now in one of my down time moments I have decided to write about the various things I have been up to and how they have inspired me in fashionable ways.

Ok, firstly in February there were lots and lots of fashion shows which I unfortunately did not get to attend :( However in true fashionista style I watched as some scary (Pj's seriously Stella :s) and some quiet fabulous things (Marc Jacobs = God-like) waltzed down the catwalk. And of course London Fashion Week stole the show - especially the Topshop unique show that called all the fashionista's to the front row and the Burberry show that is a British icon in the fashion world.

Secondly, I did some running around in Central London, twice visiting Oxford Street and also dropping into Harrods with a friend - tried on a Chanel bracelet that was SO beautiful and then marvelled at a handbag which  nearly bought me to tears.  Walking through the Louboutin corridor was enough to make my eyes boggle. While also on one of these visits to Oxford Street I chanced the opportunity to do something I love - hunt for vintage and that I did. Beyond Retro has long intrigued me and as they have a shop in Soho, I popped in for a look, and found the most stunning gold jacket I have ever seen (see below) and at that opportunity I bought it and successfully started what was to be a long run of vintage buying.

After running around Central London for a couple of weekends I then settled in Waterloo near the London Eye where I found yet another vintage shop (there is a trend here) called Radio Days and this time I bought some jewellery. The ring you will see is for me to wear with my prom dress and the broach is very pretty and timeless - I hope to be able to pass these things on to my children when I am older.

And finally, yesterday I went to Camden Town to the various markets - if you want to be inspired readers, Camden is the place. Although it is known for its music scene and the late great Amy Winehouse as a resident, it carries a huge fashion prestige as the one place that Goths, Emos, vintage lovers, rock stars and the just downright rebellious all hang out together. And it is the place that not only did I discover Betty and Gerty and bought a silk scarf that matched my leather jacket I was rocking yesterday, but also I found a beautiful Chanel like jacket that I bought instantly and will treasure forever, I have ticked an item off the bucket list - wooohooo!

So as you can see I have been quiet busy racking up a new-old style wardrobe because who really doesn't want to look as fabulous as the legends - count me in!

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fashion Round Up! Exciting Week!

Hey Guys,

So this week has been a bit mad and its not over yet but I have been dying to post and the opportunity presented itself.

Firstly it has been all kicking off in the world of awards with some of the most prestigious being dished out and nominations received. Sunday night was the night when it all kicked off with film stars flying to my lovely city and our own London girl Adele flew to America to kill it at the 54th Grammy's.

The BAFTA's presented an opportunity for a group of the best actors, actresses, directors and behind the scenes teams to gather in London and win golden masks, and they didn't need telling twice! The Artist swept the board with 7 awards and for a good reason as it has made the wider world wake up to the beauty of classic old films and inspired a love of the flapper dresses.

Also the British film Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy did really well. The co-writer, Peter Straughanon picking up the Best Adapted Screenplay made me laugh when he said "Thanks for The Artist for not being adapted from a book" Staring a hugely fabulous cast such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman which has made me want to stick on my trench coat and go spy on fashion (wait I do that already oops!)  There was also a very good feeling in the Royal Opera House as Brad Pitt attended with the lovely Angelina Jolie and also a fetching George Clooney showed up too.

Secondly and also on Saturday but across the pond, the music industry gathered to celebrate the 54th Grammys and  the dazzling occasion was tainted with sadness as the industry reeled with the death of the great Whitney Houston just 24 hours before. Despite the sadness the show was to go on and Adele, London's finest was showered with six out of six awards and performed for the first time since a throat operation that threatened her career but I never had any doubt about her recovering and storming it when she did. And she did. 

Finally, Green with Envy moment. Blake Lively receiving the entire Louboutin Spring collection from the shoe designer as a gift for his favourite muse. Everyone can be jealous now I think.

Onwards and upwards!

Whitney Houston R.I.P the world will always love you.


LDN Teenage Fashionista xox

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Brit Pop Princess: Adele vs. Pixie... I need this solved... Help?

Hey guys,

I have been in the middle of an argument between two of my friends for a long time now and so I have finally decided to solve it by asking my loyal readers to help me out if you will.

So I am going to list the pro's and con's of both of the fabulous females and its up to you to decide who is the victor and silence my dear friends.

Firstly, Pixie Lott.
Well Pixie Lott has come along way since she auditioned for Britannia High in 2007 and was turned down because she had a 'soulful' voice. However, that initial let down got her two chart topping albums that were so successful that they have sold close to 1.2 million copies together since their release. Her début hit with 'Turn It Up' (2009) contained a eclectic mix of lively upbeat tunes and slower more emotional tracks that are a pleasure to listen to. The album went double platinum and was released with a deluxe version called 'Turn It Up Louder' which included a song with Jason Derulo. After this in 2011 came her second hit 'Young Foolish Happy' which has included 3 top ten hits and scored an entry to the charts at number 1. She has won 7 awards from Virgin Media Music Awards to MTV European Music Awards. 
While her music career shines, she has had several fashion collections with Lipsy, which sell out almost instantly, including the A/W 2011 collection, pieces of which you can see at
So to sum up Pixie Lott is a fashionable, talented, 21 year old with songs to make you party or just to improve your mood. And she has a hot boyfriend. And she is a London girl. And she is brave with her look.
Does it mean she wins the new Brit pop princess title though? 

Secondly Adele. 
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. London girl - World Class sensation. From obscurity to 2007 when she won the Critics Choice award at The Brits, Adele's assent to fame has been astronomical. Her début single '19' (she was 19 at the time), which she released in 2008 was an instant commercial and critical success and has since become 4 times platinum. It went straight to number 1 on the UK charts and was highly regarded on the Billboard 200. Then in 2011, Adele released 21 and three songs off the album became worldwide number one. She has won 37 awards up to date with 93 nominations ranging from Brits to Grammy's.
So for fashion Adele tends to stick to dark colours to accentuate her fab red hair that is always shiny and brilliant. She loves both heels and flats and oozes an ease of style that is subtle. In fact in September 2011 she was on the cover of Vogue UK and is also to be on the cover of Vogue US for March 2012. 
So to sum Adele's candidacy up: She is really successful, had a very relatable life, is beautiful and has songs that read like a biography. She is glamorous yet soft. Tough with an edge. Down to Earth with a voice that is out of this world. 
Does she win Brit Pop Princess however? 

So here it is, as best as I can make the cases for the two amazing women that dominate British music, very similar and yet worlds apart. It's over to you know folks, 
Comment or let me know on facebook who you think wins!

LDN Teenage Fashionista xox

Friday, 3 February 2012

So its 2012...

Hey guys,

This post has been waiting too long and for that I am very sorry. However it is 2012 and a new year, so as per usual fashion is once again moving on.

So the first magazine I buy since Christmas is Glamour and in it I am confronted with the new trends for Spring/Summer 2012 because as we all know fashion has to be constantly forward thinking. Well as for the new season there is a mixture of Pastel and Femininity accompanied by a sharp mules in the vintage style.
Some designers paid homage to the late 50's and kept everything in muted colours while Prada created a whirlwind of 3D brights and pleats.

Someone definitely put something in the designers coffee as everything has become so much bolder to lighten the spirits out of the winter glooms, I think I need the Siberian winds to die down first before I bin the tights and woolly colours.

Will let you know when London stops feeling like the north pole. But hey here's to the new year!


LDN Teenage Fashionista xox

Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Eve! and the fireworks!

Hey Guys,

So on Christmas Eve I went shopping (not for last minute presents just for fun) and I wore this which was very Christmassy:
In this I am wearing: 
- Top from a German shop which I can't remember
- Leggings from New Look £9.99
-Barry M Nail Polish in Sparkly Red

So they I spent the Yule tide period in basic outfits until New Years Eve. And then to end 2011 I was wearing Pyjamas and watching the fireworks while humming "Auld Lang Syne" and I wanted to share with you guys the photo's I took off the TV:

I hope you guys had a lovely New Years and enjoyed it wherever you are,

Luv from London,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xox