Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I will be forever 21...

Hey guys,

First, I apologise for the long absence from this blog, it is inexcusable but I am hoping you will forgive me. This post is dedicated to my new love, Forever 21.

I have never before walked into a clothes shop and fallen in love, which is surprising considering I have shopped wherever I have gone in the world and yet Stratford City Westfield was all it took. Now for the ones who read this in far off lands, the Forever 21 in Westfield is 3 floors of perfection. If you need an outfit for anything, head there. I think I could of spent a good hour just in the shoes. The jewellery is a quarter of the 3rd floor and sparkles like no tomorrow. The bags and cute accessories could fill baskets on their own. And that's before you get to the main event, the clothes. 3 floors of something for everyone, literally.  I have a random fashion sense and all you have to do is walk through the doors and you will find something for your taste. Every time I have walked through those doors with a newbie they have fallen in love too (often filling a basket or making a wish list) I suppose it's a bit like magic.

While in there I have purchased a few things - 2 hello kitty cardigans (they are so cute and I am a massive fan) and 1 hello kitty jumper - bit OTT - I don't think so ☺ and a robot necklace which was so cute I couldn't not buy it. I will post them when I wear them ♥

I also have to comment on the price of the clothing - as a fashionista on a budget the high-street usual were  good hunting grounds but now I have a new turf - Forever.... The clothes are very reasonable price and better quality than most shops and I am truly charmed.

Well I have spoke their praises enough - I even love the changing rooms!