Sunday, 28 April 2013

Print will never die...

Hey guys,

Some say that print is a dying medium and with e-books and gadgets, there will be no point in carrying around heavy books. However in fashion we are slightly different, yes magazines produce E versions however I love to buy the magazine myself, having it on my phone just doesn't seem the same.

My room is groaning from fashion magazines and I genuinely believe the artistry that goes into a magazine deserves someone to pick it up and treasure it, every shoot is a jewel. I also have a huge amount of books that inspire my fashion sense in a conventional and non-conventional way.

My collection of books about fashion directly is pictured below and there is a wide range of themes:

Firstly, I have two books on one of my idols Miss Marilyn Monroe and her influence on fashion. Marilyn was very good at dressing her figure and one of the books focuses on her relationship with William Travilla who custom made some of her most iconic dresses - both are particularly interesting and contain some very stunning and inspiring images. (details: Dressing Marilyn, Marilyn in Fashion)

I also have three style guides; one 'The Bombshell Manual of Style' which is a very fun guide I borrowed from my mums library and is just a laugh, the second is 'How To Dress For Success' which I bought on my return to the V&A at the start of this year and it is very helpful in organising the smart style that every woman needs to master, finally is Lauren Conrad's 'Style' which is my go to book for the wardrobe organisation and what to put with what - it's also very helpful for beauty which most how to books do but this one is particular good with the drawings represent the face with the make up on that look realistic and easy to do. (details: The Bombshell Manual of Style, How To Dress For Success, Style)  

As well as these I have a number of fun books such as the 'American Fashion Cookbook' which has designers favourite foods and some fun personal anecdotes; 'The Princess Diaries Guide to Life' which is a good book for anyone interested in being a princess, covering fashion to proper decorum in social settings such as dining and etiquette; 'Edie: Girl On Fire' is a book about the iconic Edie Sedgwick who was idolised by Andy Warhol with some stunning images and inspiration; my 'Little Dictionary of Fashion' by Christian Dior which I wrote about when I bought it, the book is so interesting as it offers a complete A-Z of everything you could ever need to wear; My Chanel Fine Jewellery Catalogue which is good if I want to be hypnotised by diamonds for a few hours and finally my two books written by Madonna about the 'English Roses' which have a beautiful illustrations and all the girls have a good style that I still love even now. (details: American Fashion Cookbook, Edie: Girl on Fire, The Princess Diaries Guide to Life, Little Dictionary of Fashion, English Roses - and Chanel catalogue you need to get in Chanel stores)

It's fair to say I have a lot of fashion books and I just bought another one, Vogue on Alexander McQueen and this books is beautifully written and I think it is one of the best books I have seen about him. When I finish reading it I will do a proper review. (details: Vogue on Alexander McQueen)

My main issue is that I have a very long queue of books (although I have read Frankenstein, Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Great Gatsby so far this year) but my plan is to spend all summer reading in the sun.

So I hope you enjoyed this new angle,
Message me your favourite books, I'm always looking for a new buy!

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

n.b. I have used Amazon for the details of these books as it lists ISBN and author clearly, but I bought these across a variety of stores, book shops are amazing and I have no affiliation with Amazon.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Liebster Blog Award!

Hello guys,
My mummy nominated me for a Liebster Blog award and this is her blog if you'd like to check it out (its a life blog with craft woven in (PUN lol!) - click here!

There are the Five Rules:
Thank and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award (above)
List 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 random questions from the person who presented you with the award
Create 11 random questions for your nominees
Present/nominate a Liebster Blog Award to more newbie bloggers! (no tag backs)

The 11 random things about myself:
  1. I cry at chick flicks, usually at the part where the couple kiss, or if they get back together after a bad break up.
  2. I have a periodic table on my wall which I am trying to learn. I am getting there.
  3. I have always been in admiration of Cinderella, that girl had a tough life but it turned out ok.
  4. I love going into designer shops, although I couldn't go into Chanel I just hyperventilated outside.
  5. If someone gave me the choice between eternal life, and one amazing day on earth, I'd pick the one day, because eternal life is sucky if the people you love die, unless your like the Cullen's and your whole family lives forever too.
  6. I would love to have a super power, or magic, I think that would be cool.
  7. I love being able to pass on my knowledge to people, it's no good knowing stuff if you can't talk to others about it.
  8. I love all of my friends and I love them no matter what.
  9. My favourite movie is Pride and Prejudice or the Holiday.
  10. I have a lot of teddy bears, and rabbits and other creatures, they all have names and are part of my family.
  11. I struggle to walk in heels, really struggle. I hope I will get there some day.

 Questions from my mum (my answers are in italics):
  • What is your earliest memory? I have a few but I remember being really happy and giggly, helping my mum bake cupcakes by cracking eggs.
  • What song defines you as a person/ do you most relate to? there are many but my favourite at the moment is Pick A Part That's New by the Stereophonics and the one that has the most memories attached is Don't Stop Moving by S Club 7 as it was on the first CD I ever bought. 
  • What is your favourite cake? Chocolate deffo!
  • What is under your bed right now? My mum's artwork and her Black Crowes poster - I can't wait to see them live myself and understand why she likes them. Also some Teen Vogue magazines.
  • Who was your first romantic idol? Not sure what this is but if it means whose love life I most wanted then it would be Cinderella again as she got a prince and he loved her for herself.
  • What talent do you have that is least known by your friends? Errm, well I can tell where people buy their clothes from if they aren't basics like vest tops - I am good at Jeans especially.
  • Describe your favourite moment of your life so far? Every time I hug my mum.
  • Who/ what is your greatest disappointment? The people who walk away from me, because I am a really good person and they miss out on that.
  • What is your guilty pleasure? Quiz shows or daytime TV. Oh and Forever 21.
  • What quality do you most admire in others? Strength in the face of adversity.
  • What historical figure would you most like to meet and why? Boudicca because she was a strong lady who stood up for what se believed in.  

The questions I would like those I present this award to please answer are:
  1. If you could kiss anyone famous who would it be?
  2. What's your favourite flower?
  3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  4. What's your favourite movie quote?
  5. If you could be on TV what show would you be in?
  6. What is on the wall next to you right now?
  7. What is your favourite season?
  8. Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
  9. What is the best place you've ever visited?
  10. Do you have any pets? If so what are they and what are their names?
  11. If you could go anywhere in time or space, where would it be or when?

Therefore I will pass this award onto four other bloggers:
  • A fellow London blogger whose blog is A-MA-ZING!: Sara Says
  • My friend Jess who writes the best beauty blog around - A fellow Lushie: Pure Lily x
  • A fellow fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogger who is sweet and lovely: Hello It's Lisa
  • My first friend when I joined the fashion blogger circuit, the most supportive: Classy and Fabulous
N.B. (please see the rules at the top of this post so you know what to do)

This was really fun, I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know when you've finished your posts and I will link to them too!


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Being Nerdy

Hey guys,

So I promised you a post and therefore I will deliver. This time however the post is all about geekyness! (Which I think is quite fashionable but hey I am biased)

Basically in physics yesterday we were discussing this important equation in quantum theory that involved a guy called Max Planck and his constant for energy - called Planck's Constant lol! And as we were discussing the photoelectric effect which was Einstein's idea I was confused - I was thinking that maybe the credit should of been given to Einstein if it was a huge part of his theory.

And the reason that this is linked to fashion is because who gets credit for new trends. Is the person who walks the clothes down the run way responsible for the next seasons trend, or was it the unknown person who strolled past them sitting in a coffee shop and that had planned their outfit in order to express themselves, therefore in that single act inspired that designer to put pen to paper and stitch to garment. If it was therefore down to them, they were the catalyst that subsequently caused thousands of fashionistas to moon over their outfits and replicate it, without anyone knowing their names.

It's interesting that someone unknown can have the power to do that - at least Planck and Einstein were well rewarded for their science contribution with Nobel Prizes. It ended up that time was the true decider of the credit in the case of the constant, because Planck was first to think quantum he got the name of the father of quantum physics. In the same way Coco Chanel gets the credit for making the sun tan popular although I'm sure that getting a sun tan was not her invention.

Finally as you may of guessed I am quiet geeky so here are two pieces of my wardrobe that match this theme and also carry an image of one of my loves, Hello Kitty:

Jumper, Forever 21
Necklace, Hello Kitty at Claire's Accessories

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥  

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Clean wardrobe, clean mind!

Hey guys,

So last Saturday I finished sorting all of my clothes out and looked into my wardrobe and was horrified at everything out of its place and my system of order had vanished. All the days of wearing the same college uniform had left my other clothes disregarded but no more.

Now I've finished the organising and I feel so much better seeing it all lined up. It is colour coded and then organised from formal dresses and jackets, through to knitwear, t-shirts and smart shirts, suit jackets, then jeans and finishing with smart trousers and skirts.

I cannot believe how many clothes I own. Although I feel like I have a complete wardrobe at last with lots of outfit options for every occasion needed now!

So here it is in it's finery:


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Creating my own style, one shopping trip at a time!

Hey guys,

So on Monday I went shopping and bought some new stuff that I would like to share with you guys!

So my new style direction is a mash up of rock chic, distressed denim, and Militarian yet I add bits of girly in for good measure and I believe it is quiet unique.

This style direction influenced these purchases, the first being a Cinderella tee from Uniqlo that will break the toughness created by my new grey jeans from Forever 21.


Also I bought a camouflage jacket that has been embellished on the collar. This is again from Forever 21 and I was attracted to it because it meant I could wear a print I love in another way to just on my jeans that I have been wearing a lot! Also it makes my mum happy by me going out wearing a jacket and keeping warm!


Finally, I bought two necklaces also from Forever 21. (Sorry if it seems overkill but it is my favourite shop and the prices are very reasonable so I go there a lot!)

Back to the necklaces, well I do have a lot of jewellery so I have to be regimented about what I buy so I don't double up but with this silver Dream necklace and this cascade of flowers I have managed to buy two statement pieces, the silver one which is best for layering necklaces and the flowers for making a bold sparkly gesture to an outfit - all for just over a tenner!

I will post as much as I can this Easter but I am revising for my AS exams so it's tough to keep up!

Keep in touch, comment/tweet/message me on IFB and I will reply as soon as possible!

Luv as always,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥