Sunday, 15 May 2011

LUSH Round-Up & General Chat ♥

Hey guys,

It's been too long since I sat at my computer to write down a post to the world. Load the page, hit play on the ipod shuffle and sit at the desk. Well now 'Dramatic Voice' is the time☺

So my Brief Lush Easter Round up:
Donkey Oaty - loved the smell but the colour was not pleasent sorry!

Fluffy Egg - seriously the best smell and a pleasure to bathe in 10/10

Hippy Chick - Bought these in mass, was sooooo good! Still have one left ♥

Street Party - Named for a certain Royal Wedding however this was too much glitter which is not my thing but it did have a seriously fab smell.
So I am keeping well,loving life and fashion, reading vogue inbetween revision guides, atm I'm tired tho so I'm just going to log off, then tweet from my phone, then sleep ♥
Lots of love guys,