Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yee-Ha! Fashion Gone With The Wind!

Howdy dear readers!

(Always wanted to say that)

Anyway, this post has been a long time coming but this season there is a particular overload of cowgirl/cowboy chic. And I have to admit I have been caught in the hype. Spurred (sorry, this post may contain a lot of puns) on by shows like Dallas and Nashville and go back to the re-release of Footloose (not as good as the original, just saying).

So how does all of this representation translate into clothes, well I will give you the break down:

  • Denim. Shorts and Skinny Jeans. Pale blue for spring especially but anything goes. Acid wash is ok if you want to grunge up your look and ripped jeans if you want that "working all day in the yard look" Oh and Gents out there, it is the same for you guys! (just watch the shorts, please). The Levis I picked out were designed to go over cowboy boots in 1969!
  • Checked Shirts. These will always be around, always. I have not yet seen a season in three years where these haven't popped up. Last summer I rocked my faded red and blue shirt that tied at the waist and it was so nice between pool and lunch, (if you are currently in Arctic weather and have forgotten what summer is it will come I promise, it is finally sunny in London although bitterly cold) I digress, but the point is find a style that suits and rock them, undone with a vest underneath, tied, buttoned up to the neck, this is the time to experiment.
  • Neck Scarves. Traditionally seen as girly but if you are rocking a Stetson guys, a triangle tied round your neck will complete your outfit, very Clint Eastwood.
  • Finally, the shoes, well the boots. Since I watched Footloose (original) I have lusted after Ariel's red cowboy boots and have come very close to buying many pairs but may get my self some after all this time. They are cool on guys and girls, just hunt on the internet for the best style for you. I want to wear mine all the time so no heel for me, but again with this style let your personality shine.

So here we go, Toy Story style, I can't wait to be a blonde Jessie!

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Need List: Updated

Hey guys,

I am terrible at shopping, I make a plan and then end up getting distracted by t-shirts or jewellery (just ask my best friend!) and so my wardrobe grows kinda awkwardly.

At the moment I am on a bit of a health drive and am getting slimmer which is very exciting but I will need to replace some key items soon or I won't be able to go anywhere! So I decided if I made my list public it may stick out at bit more and I will be less likely to ignore it.

Here it goes:

1. I will soon need new jeans however most girls will sympathise that getting new jeans is the most difficult task you can face (does my bum look big in these? Etc.) So I am planning to put this off until its crucial, also I love my jeans so am a bit sad about replacing them.

2. I need a new bag. My parents have been harping on at me to get a back pack for school as I do carry a lot of weight on my shoulders so here begins my search for the perfect one.

3. I would love some outfit variants, I want to take risks this season so need some extra pieces to help with that, in tones of grey to light blue.

4. I need new shoes, the situation is dire. I'm serious; wearing converse is great but they simply don't go with everything. I need pumps and a nice pair of black low court shoes I think.

This concludes my post of my needs in fashion,

Hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

Sunday, 17 March 2013

If it ain't broke...

Hey my beautiful readers, those new and you who have been here from the beginning,

I had a hellish week, yet after the best weekend I have had for a while I am feeling very rested and ready to take on the world again tomorrow for 6am (urgh! coffee is my master in the mornings)

I have just checked my stats and found out that this little blog, that I am very proud of, is nearly at 16,000 page views which is mad because only a few weeks ago I looked and it hadn't even hit 15,000. I want to thank you all for sticking with me throughout the past few years, I turn 17 this year and can't wait to spend another 3 years writing away for all of you and letting you all see my style grow with my age.

So this post has been a while in the pipeline and it was buried underneath the stress of mocks and work experience, coursework and the worst cold I could of caught from a packed inner city tube train.

Back at the start of this new year me and my best friend went to the V&A which you may know was the starting inspiration for this little blog, many years ago. I couldn't believe how much the fashion department had changed since its renovation that prevented me seeing the clothes last year, it was beautifully organised and just as inspiring as it was back then. I will use all of the photos in upcoming posts but for now here is a few that caused a brainwave.

I was able to draw certain parallels with this years trends - see if you agree:

Now this pattern seems familiar - did I hear a Louis Vuitton dress squeaking? This suit is from Foale & Tuffin in 1964 but hey, monochrome is timeless.
Summer bathing will also hark back to the vintage age, these suits from Finnigans and Neyret from the late 1930's scream chic cover ups for the beach, back from a time when modesty was king. (Although cotton material and water, maybe not)

Also with this pyjama Pucci dress from 1968 two trends are ticked, one old from the Miss Stella McCartney who made us all dress down in our pj's for work every day; and one constant trend in psychedelic prints that will be with us every year in fashion.
Finally, when all is said and done it seems that fashion has again gone backward, this time to the era when women's skirts grew so they couldn't fit through doors. This luxurious purple example (from Monsieur Vignon 1869-70 and the coat and tails from 1855-75) is not to the Georgian extreme but still its the way fashion is headed. (Top Tip: if you are getting any building work done, go for door frame extensions)
So that's how I believe some of the trends are formed, by seeing what worked in the past, well what's the phrase "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
Although I love the new trends, I do hope things change slightly though or I will be wearing gowns wider than I am tall and wearing wigs that have fruit in them. Please fashion gods, do us proud.
Lots of love guys, you mean a lot to me,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥