Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yee-Ha! Fashion Gone With The Wind!

Howdy dear readers!

(Always wanted to say that)

Anyway, this post has been a long time coming but this season there is a particular overload of cowgirl/cowboy chic. And I have to admit I have been caught in the hype. Spurred (sorry, this post may contain a lot of puns) on by shows like Dallas and Nashville and go back to the re-release of Footloose (not as good as the original, just saying).

So how does all of this representation translate into clothes, well I will give you the break down:

  • Denim. Shorts and Skinny Jeans. Pale blue for spring especially but anything goes. Acid wash is ok if you want to grunge up your look and ripped jeans if you want that "working all day in the yard look" Oh and Gents out there, it is the same for you guys! (just watch the shorts, please). The Levis I picked out were designed to go over cowboy boots in 1969!
  • Checked Shirts. These will always be around, always. I have not yet seen a season in three years where these haven't popped up. Last summer I rocked my faded red and blue shirt that tied at the waist and it was so nice between pool and lunch, (if you are currently in Arctic weather and have forgotten what summer is it will come I promise, it is finally sunny in London although bitterly cold) I digress, but the point is find a style that suits and rock them, undone with a vest underneath, tied, buttoned up to the neck, this is the time to experiment.
  • Neck Scarves. Traditionally seen as girly but if you are rocking a Stetson guys, a triangle tied round your neck will complete your outfit, very Clint Eastwood.
  • Finally, the shoes, well the boots. Since I watched Footloose (original) I have lusted after Ariel's red cowboy boots and have come very close to buying many pairs but may get my self some after all this time. They are cool on guys and girls, just hunt on the internet for the best style for you. I want to wear mine all the time so no heel for me, but again with this style let your personality shine.

So here we go, Toy Story style, I can't wait to be a blonde Jessie!

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

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