Friday, 20 February 2015

A new uniform for a new life!

Dear all,

I left school in June and haven't had to wear a uniform since then - it's the best! 

But there are certain things in my wardrobe I reach for every day without fail (95% of the time at least):

*My bright pink swing coat - this has revolutionised my wardrobe. I actually bought it in 2013 but I didn't wear it till last year when I was rebelling against the end of winter and wanted to carry on wearing my favourite colour! And there hasn't been many days since when I picked another coat instead. It has a huge hood which makes me look like a Jedi or Sith (depending on my mood lol) and it's warm without being baking so I can wear it without overheating on the tube. It's just all kinds of awesome. 

*My beloved black biker boots - these look well loved and well worn because they are. I have worn these so much since I bought them it is hard to get me in anything else. I wear them to work, clubbing and everything inbetween. They squeak when I walk as they are like 2 years old. They are my perfect shoe and I feel like a trendy Lara Croft in them. 

*Jeans - that old chestnut. I'm not going to spend too long talking about jeans and why I love them. But I prefer straight jeans over skinny jeans and I own a range of colours that only is missing a few perfect editions. I am working on it. 

So that is my basic uniform - I change it up with kimonos and long sleeve tees or jumpers if I'm freezing. And jewellery works magic for changing a plain outfit into an evening look. 

Will check in soon with a beauty post as I have been testing some things to help with dry skin in winter and have had varying results. 

Speak soon,

Luv Amber xx

Monday, 2 February 2015

A few things I have learnt about myself since the start of 2015

Hey all,

So I haven't really used this blog as much of a diary before so I thought I would start now! Lol! 

I have been thinking about myself a lot recently and I've found a list of things about myself that I hadn't really realised until this year. Here we go:

1. I love standing in sunlight or under a starry sky. That blinding brilliance of the sun is one of the most inspiring things ever and it also makes sense as bright but chilly days are probably my favourite. And I love stars because they remind me that we are all made of star-dust and that we are very small crucial part of a big busy universe.

2. I can make myself look really different if I take my glasses off and/or change my hair. I'm wore my hair down and contacts recently and although I know who I am I feel like I look really different. I don't know maybe that's just a personal one. 

3. Even though high heels are very much everyone else's thing, I am more at home in a pair of boots. My black beloved ones, despite them squeaking, are my favourite shoes and I wear them all the time. I suppose you can still hear me coming though :) 

4. I am an annoying perfectionist. I check everything about ten times before I put it out there. And then I worry about how it will go. It annoys me but at the same time it is a good thing I guess.

5. I am an activist and I always have been. I work as a volunteer with Amnesty so most of you will be thinking well of course you are - but I have realised that it was always in me just waiting for me to channel it. I think that is why I was drawn to human rights law as a career, it unlocked that part of me. 

6. For the book lovers - I have noticed I am drawn to a book and then I just have to read it or it will annoy me. The prime example is Anna Karenina: it's 1000 pages and I got to page 100 and stopped because I was confused and had to study my English Lit A Level texts. However, I will have to read it eventually, because if I don't I will be forever annoyed. Crazy I know. 

7. I am not actually afraid of spiders. I don't like thinking of them or seeing them before I sleep or I get nightmares. So as long as I don't watch a show/movie with them in before I go to bed, I will quite happily let them live in my house. 

8. I have really great hair. I know that seems like a selfish thing to write but everytime it annoys me by going frizzy or not doing what I want, I remember the way it seems to sparkle in the sunlight and that most people would love my hair. So I realised I need to remember that in future. 

That's a bit more about me that I don't think you've heard before. 

I will be back on this blog soon I hope, and I am going to start signing off as Amber instead of London Teenage Fashionista as I think it's more me... 

So lots of love guys,
Amber xx♥️