Thursday, 7 November 2013

Back to Blogging

Hello everyone, 

I always seem to start a post with an apology recently. I'm sorry for not blogging in ages, my life went from fine level of busy to manic in a few weeks and it is safe to say I couldn't really find the time to focus and blog. BUT I have been keeping my eyes out in the fashion-sphere so that now I am faced with my long tube journey to West London I am able to write this post! YAY! 

First, where has all the colour gone. :( . I know it's winter and nights start at 5pm now but come on! All I do all week is wear black, I don't then want to wear it all weekend too! But the high street is full of it! Tartan has taken a dull tone too! 

No I will not give in, obviously I cannot eliminate black from my wardrobe (one of my favourite cardigans is black) but I will not simply slip into the darkness! I will combat it with the main weapon at my disposal, my t-shirt collection. It is my main source of colour and it's great; if I think yellow will be good today, I have two options of tee, one in bright and one in a more pastel shade. This is why I love t-shirts, although I am less reckless as I used to be and haven't bought one in a while! 

Next up is jewellery, yay! For my regular readers you'll know I am a bit of a magpie. A current trend I am still observing for practicality is the multi-ring trend. I am a lover of a show-stopping ring, it doesn't have to be huge but just really special, however wearing multiple ones seems slightly cluttered and I have seen it done to over-kill. I will keep looking.
 (Also a little aside for you Tiffany's fans: the history of Tiffany on the website takes you through some of the most iconic pieces from the jewellery house - check out the site if you want to see them, but it may cause envy, sorry.)

Finally, on the make up front. The one-nail-a-different-colour trend. I am yet to see it done fabulously, apart from maybe in a magazine when it was new. I have seen variants that are just too random, I understand the trend calls for clashing but I think that sticking within the same colour tone/ shade would be easier on the eye. Or just have a lovely manicure of one colour? I may still be a bit cynical so I will look for ones I like and post them for you next time. 

Anyway, I promise to be back again soon! 

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LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥️