Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fashion Round Up! Exciting Week!

Hey Guys,

So this week has been a bit mad and its not over yet but I have been dying to post and the opportunity presented itself.

Firstly it has been all kicking off in the world of awards with some of the most prestigious being dished out and nominations received. Sunday night was the night when it all kicked off with film stars flying to my lovely city and our own London girl Adele flew to America to kill it at the 54th Grammy's.

The BAFTA's presented an opportunity for a group of the best actors, actresses, directors and behind the scenes teams to gather in London and win golden masks, and they didn't need telling twice! The Artist swept the board with 7 awards and for a good reason as it has made the wider world wake up to the beauty of classic old films and inspired a love of the flapper dresses.

Also the British film Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy did really well. The co-writer, Peter Straughanon picking up the Best Adapted Screenplay made me laugh when he said "Thanks for The Artist for not being adapted from a book" Staring a hugely fabulous cast such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman which has made me want to stick on my trench coat and go spy on fashion (wait I do that already oops!)  There was also a very good feeling in the Royal Opera House as Brad Pitt attended with the lovely Angelina Jolie and also a fetching George Clooney showed up too.

Secondly and also on Saturday but across the pond, the music industry gathered to celebrate the 54th Grammys and  the dazzling occasion was tainted with sadness as the industry reeled with the death of the great Whitney Houston just 24 hours before. Despite the sadness the show was to go on and Adele, London's finest was showered with six out of six awards and performed for the first time since a throat operation that threatened her career but I never had any doubt about her recovering and storming it when she did. And she did. 

Finally, Green with Envy moment. Blake Lively receiving the entire Louboutin Spring collection from the shoe designer as a gift for his favourite muse. Everyone can be jealous now I think.

Onwards and upwards!

Whitney Houston R.I.P the world will always love you.


LDN Teenage Fashionista xox

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Brit Pop Princess: Adele vs. Pixie... I need this solved... Help?

Hey guys,

I have been in the middle of an argument between two of my friends for a long time now and so I have finally decided to solve it by asking my loyal readers to help me out if you will.

So I am going to list the pro's and con's of both of the fabulous females and its up to you to decide who is the victor and silence my dear friends.

Firstly, Pixie Lott.
Well Pixie Lott has come along way since she auditioned for Britannia High in 2007 and was turned down because she had a 'soulful' voice. However, that initial let down got her two chart topping albums that were so successful that they have sold close to 1.2 million copies together since their release. Her début hit with 'Turn It Up' (2009) contained a eclectic mix of lively upbeat tunes and slower more emotional tracks that are a pleasure to listen to. The album went double platinum and was released with a deluxe version called 'Turn It Up Louder' which included a song with Jason Derulo. After this in 2011 came her second hit 'Young Foolish Happy' which has included 3 top ten hits and scored an entry to the charts at number 1. She has won 7 awards from Virgin Media Music Awards to MTV European Music Awards. 
While her music career shines, she has had several fashion collections with Lipsy, which sell out almost instantly, including the A/W 2011 collection, pieces of which you can see at
So to sum up Pixie Lott is a fashionable, talented, 21 year old with songs to make you party or just to improve your mood. And she has a hot boyfriend. And she is a London girl. And she is brave with her look.
Does it mean she wins the new Brit pop princess title though? 

Secondly Adele. 
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. London girl - World Class sensation. From obscurity to 2007 when she won the Critics Choice award at The Brits, Adele's assent to fame has been astronomical. Her début single '19' (she was 19 at the time), which she released in 2008 was an instant commercial and critical success and has since become 4 times platinum. It went straight to number 1 on the UK charts and was highly regarded on the Billboard 200. Then in 2011, Adele released 21 and three songs off the album became worldwide number one. She has won 37 awards up to date with 93 nominations ranging from Brits to Grammy's.
So for fashion Adele tends to stick to dark colours to accentuate her fab red hair that is always shiny and brilliant. She loves both heels and flats and oozes an ease of style that is subtle. In fact in September 2011 she was on the cover of Vogue UK and is also to be on the cover of Vogue US for March 2012. 
So to sum Adele's candidacy up: She is really successful, had a very relatable life, is beautiful and has songs that read like a biography. She is glamorous yet soft. Tough with an edge. Down to Earth with a voice that is out of this world. 
Does she win Brit Pop Princess however? 

So here it is, as best as I can make the cases for the two amazing women that dominate British music, very similar and yet worlds apart. It's over to you know folks, 
Comment or let me know on facebook who you think wins!

LDN Teenage Fashionista xox

Friday, 3 February 2012

So its 2012...

Hey guys,

This post has been waiting too long and for that I am very sorry. However it is 2012 and a new year, so as per usual fashion is once again moving on.

So the first magazine I buy since Christmas is Glamour and in it I am confronted with the new trends for Spring/Summer 2012 because as we all know fashion has to be constantly forward thinking. Well as for the new season there is a mixture of Pastel and Femininity accompanied by a sharp mules in the vintage style.
Some designers paid homage to the late 50's and kept everything in muted colours while Prada created a whirlwind of 3D brights and pleats.

Someone definitely put something in the designers coffee as everything has become so much bolder to lighten the spirits out of the winter glooms, I think I need the Siberian winds to die down first before I bin the tights and woolly colours.

Will let you know when London stops feeling like the north pole. But hey here's to the new year!


LDN Teenage Fashionista xox