Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas time!!

First, ok I'm sorry. Again.

I've been really busy. Seriously, life = hectic. But it is Christmas and I have time off to relax. YAY! 

So I am going to be back blogging more regularly than I have been, I promise. It's going to be a New Years resloution. 

But anyway hello everyone, happy holidays!!! 

I have a few holiday traditions. This year I got to dress our tree, all by myself, it was a bit of a mission but it is worth it, to see it sparkling in the corner of our frontroom. All of the decorations are amazing, some of them are from when my mum was little and some I made when I was younger. It really is a celebration of our family. 

Also my mum paints my nails sparkly red every year (thank you mummy!). However the colour I chose looked great when my mum wore it but by the time it was painted it on my nails it had gone old. So to rescue it mum painted the Barry M nail varnish in shade 150, red glitter, over the top and it saved the day.

Clothes wise, over the holidays my boots become my best friends and I wear them with my various jeans and jumpers if I go out in the cold, however if it is an occasion I have a new pair of gorgeous black heels that I shall wear and party in! I love them, they are just so sparkly! 

I also cannot wait to hit the sales, I need more going out attire, it's one of the best bits about the holiday season! Lush also have a really good sale after Christmas!

Finally I am on a mission to be reading a lot more this new year, and I will do some book reviews on this blog if you would like! Every Christmas Eve I read The Night Before Christmas before I go to bed, I can nearly recite it, I am still a child at heart! 

So I am now listening to Artpop while finishing this post! Then I will prepare for Christmas Day to come along - it's only 2 hours away! 

Ahh! I'm really excited! I'm such a child but there is something about Christmas that makes everyone joyful! (unless you're a Scrooge but I can't help that)

So Merry Christmas everyone, have a lovely time wherever you are across the world!

Luv with tidings of joy, 

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥️