Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Summer of 69

Hey all,

I am listening to Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams and it is not only the best summer song in my opinion, but also a fairly good summary of fashion at the moment. 

Look around the high street and you'll be bombarded with 60's or 70's prints, gypsy tops and bohemian fringing. Some may say it's like the hippy generation has thrown it's confetti all over the clothes we will wear. 

I myself today am rocking a linen dress in a vintage yellow floral print and feel fabulous, it's one of those outfits that just makes you smile when you wear it. And the sun is out, it's due to be the hottest day in London Town and I have my sunglasses on! 

My make-up I have kept quite plain; a gold shimmery eye look and I am wearing my Benefit Life on the A-List lipgloss which I love and it's just so easy to wear! (This gloss is not available anymore but it's a baby pink very light gloss that is surprisingly not too sticky, it has decent pigmentation too) 

Here is too the good time vibes, and I look forward to seeing an end to monochrome for a bit! 

Lots of sunny love,

Amber xx♥️

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Everything is alright....

"Not a cloud in the sky, sun is shining bright, feeling well and life's alright..." 

Happy spring followers - if you haven't already then check out my Instagram @TheRealAmberG for more of my picture posts - but I will try to include more on here too in the future! 

Lots of love,

Amber xx♥️

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Men's fashion - it's not easy!

Hi all, welcome spring!

I have been observing men's fashion for a long time; and some like to say it is easy for men to get it right - like at the Oscars when the phrase "how hard is a tux and shirt, really" was banded around. But it is so much more than that! 

Colour and style play such a huge part in men's fashion, and yes a black tuxedo is classic and effective, but so is a LBD for women and the best looks come when you break the mould. 

Jared Leto has always pushed it - and just look at him, his ombré hair makes him stand out from the crowd anyway, so an avante garde suit is no surprise. And even those who just opt for a wine colour over a black, show that pushing the edge can be subtle yet highly effective when done well. 

But let's leave suits for a moment; jeans are a uniform for men and a good pair work wonders. There are just as many styles as women have - they borrowed our skinny style when we took their beloved baggy style and made it "boyfriend". 

And jeans can be dressed up and down just as much for men as women. In fact even the most casual pair can be dressed in a jacket with a pocket square and boat shoes and Monaco is calling! 

Then there is more sporty teritories. Sports Luxe has been a male trend before women's fashion caught on. That I went to the gym and then I went to te club look is one many guys can pull of - just beware of the huge branding as it can overshadow the look (that goes for girls too - the matching tracksuits are a no in my personal opinion but each to their own). 

Lastly is the more seasonal fashions, shorts, jumpers, vests, the beanie; the list is vast. And they all work in their own ways. 

So here is to men's fashion - and if fashion week is anything to go by perhaps it's more about what you don't wear than what you do (if you saw Rick Owens Paris show in January you'll know what I mean). 

Hope you are all well, I am nearly at 30,000 page views which is a bit hard to take in but I am proud that all you are still reading and enjoying these snippets into my mind. 

I have also linked at the top of this page the Amnesty blog post I wrote on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which if you would like to read then please do and you'll learn more about me the activist. 


Amber xx