Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Summer of 69

Hey all,

I am listening to Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams and it is not only the best summer song in my opinion, but also a fairly good summary of fashion at the moment. 

Look around the high street and you'll be bombarded with 60's or 70's prints, gypsy tops and bohemian fringing. Some may say it's like the hippy generation has thrown it's confetti all over the clothes we will wear. 

I myself today am rocking a linen dress in a vintage yellow floral print and feel fabulous, it's one of those outfits that just makes you smile when you wear it. And the sun is out, it's due to be the hottest day in London Town and I have my sunglasses on! 

My make-up I have kept quite plain; a gold shimmery eye look and I am wearing my Benefit Life on the A-List lipgloss which I love and it's just so easy to wear! (This gloss is not available anymore but it's a baby pink very light gloss that is surprisingly not too sticky, it has decent pigmentation too) 

Here is too the good time vibes, and I look forward to seeing an end to monochrome for a bit! 

Lots of sunny love,

Amber xx♥️

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