Thursday, 27 January 2011

LUSH, Fashion + Music: Space Girl to Space Cowboy

Hey guys,

This post was an inspiration so I will break with my usual LUSH on Monday to bring you a combination I think will work, LUSH, music and fashion.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bathing in a LUSH bomb call Space Girl (see below) which smelt of pamar violets (sweets that I ♥) and sparkled like mini stars and galaxies - a fabulous relaxing bath for even the most hectic of days.

On the fashion front  Giorgio Armani Prive has a bit of a rep for thinking out of this world if you want to view the images see here

And the song I quoted is Space Cowboy by Jamiroquai if you want to check it out I recommend you do!
So guys I hope you enjoyed my mega combination post - I definitely did,

Monday, 24 January 2011

LUSH ON MONDAY! Final Christmas Post :'(

Hey guys,

My last post on the long lost christmas products :( If you are, like me holding on to the last little bombs, show gels and scents then this is for you!

My last Lush present I will present to you is:


In this box you get:

^Snow Fairy^ The goddess of all shower gels and one of the nicest sweet smells of all Lush :)

^Angel's Delight^ A pink sparkly Star that shines and smells amazing - you may get the theme of this gift :)

^Shimmy Shimmy^ This massage bar is STAYING after Christmas and I love the sweet-almost-coconut smell and the glitter it covers you in (think twilight vampire sparkle) I love it soo much I own two!

So thats the box but before I say bye to Christmas there is one Bubble bar I have left behind for a good reason because it's sister is a Lush regular:

^This is Candy-Cane or after Christmas it will go back to Creamy Candy^ This is my ultimate bubble bar as it smells like cotton candy and you can make it last up to 4 baths (its also the cheapest bubble bar) The bubbles are natural and only need heat to be activated - who wants a cold bath anyway? 
My next Lush will be as good but on my favourite Lush scent for a change,
Thanks for following me,


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lazy day....transformed into a shopping one!

Hey guys,

Well this is nice, My would be Lazy day has turned into a fun one! I went shopping wearing this:

(Boots from Next, Leggings from Primark, Tartan Skirt from a vintage shop, Gun's and Rose's tee, Tartan scarf from Primark and Long drape cardi from another vintage shop)

And while I was out I scored a Spring fashion find from New Look:

Camel will be huge this season and the vintage day dress is also key, floaty skirt ans sharp sleeves + collar make looking like a 1950's Doll very chic.

Seeya guys soon,

Keep it chic,


Sunday, 16 January 2011

La moda di Prima Ballerina (the fashion of the premiere female dancer)

Ciao fashionistas,

This Friday marks the opening of Black Swan. Leading lady, Natalie Portman sheds her good girl image in this gritty Ballet Thriller. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in modern times and this film shows her at her best.

This film has created a huge amount of hype and fashion has trailed this film as you would expect. If this has inspired you to pick up some ballet beautiful pieces then do before it’s too late.

Luv you guys soo much,


Monday, 10 January 2011

LUSH on Monday!

Hey guys,

Life has been hard recently and hence I have increased my LUSH use by a lot! My next Lush review is on the Christmas gift I received: the Matryoshka.

This gift was wrapped as a Russian Doll and contained Three sections: 

^Snow White ballistic & limited edition soap (the red and green coloured soap forming the outsides)^
This ballistic smells like apple blossom and is amazing for a cute foam bath. The soap is still as good-smelling and amazing when you need to chill out.

^Cinders bath ballistic^ This is my ultimate Christmas ballistic - the spicy smell, the crackling popin' candy and the cute warming colour ♥ simply fab! ♥

Hope you enjoyed my LUSH review :)


Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year! New Blog Trend! Fresh Handmade Cosmetics!

Happy New Year Followers,

So I have a not-so-secret passion and it's the beauty of LUSH handmade Cosmetics. Now I know this is a fashion blog but I think good cosmetics are fashionable too and to keep your body 'Classy and Fabulous' you need to use good products and I swear by Lush.

Since I was born my mother lovingly bathed me with the sweet smells of Lush and ever since its been my addiction, growing with age. So now, alongside my fashion, I will review Lush products on a Monday.

Today I will start by reviewing one of the sadly gone but amazing Christmas Prezzies - Christmas Allsorts!

This Box contained the three bath ballistics (bombs) that you see here and I took individual images so I could review them in turn:

^Satsumo Santa ^ - Beautiful smell, very citrus and lush! Bright red colour but that's not a problem!
Soft water a delight to bath in!

^Li'l Lush Pud^ - Really does smell like Xmas pudding, very seasonally spicy!
Kinda creamy brown colour water which is intriguing! Again the water is lovely, especially if it's a cold day!

^The Bӧӧg^  Smells of Christmas herbs - sounds strange but it's amazing!
Water you would assume to be white but there are coloured parts in the back which release a rainbow into the bath and the water ends up a purple colour! Is a lovely bath for a party day!

I hope you enjoyed my Lush debut!

Lots of sweet smelling Luv,