Friday, 18 March 2011

Say Goodbye, but don't you cry 'cos true love never dies ♥

Dear all my friends and readers,

On the 2nd March 2011 I lost a true friend, sister and baby. Millie my beautiful Hamster went to the angels and a part of me died with her. I cannot write the sadness I felt in a blog post and grieving is the best way to move on but for me I need to write this.

She used to sit next to me in her cage and watch me as I wrote, she told me in her own way if she agreed with what I was writing. Her favourite artist was Gaga, I used to dance and so would she while Bad Romance blasted at a unbelievable level. She would always wake in the morning to wish me good luck with my day, and when I fed her at night she would come and see me off to sleep. Even in the times when she was too tired to get out of her patch of nesting, a nose twitch was all I needed to feel her love. I hope she felt mine back. Because baby if you are still watching me as I write this I really did love you.

I want you to see my baby in the way I did here are some pictures of her:

From the first day I got her:

To a few weeks before she died....♥

Baby, I love you and always have.

Sending my love down the line,

I miss you Millie,

Forever yours,


Monday, 7 March 2011

Just a Quickie!

Hey Guys,
Sorry for being away for a while, life has kinda been throwing crap at me and I have completely abandoned my passion for blogging. So this week I promise to make up for it.

So today just a brief word to let you know what will be coming up soon:

  • In Memoriam of the best hamster a girl could ask for R.I.P baby ♥
  • Summer soon - My staples for this season!
  • My new project to bring confidence to my school.  
  • And a few LUSH posts slotted in ☺
Finally to everyone that is reading this, I truly love and am humbled by you following the ramblings of a teenage girl who loves clothes and despite going through the trials of life has found peace with something she loves, Fashion.

To all of you, thank you for supporting me, I do this for you.