Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer lovin' style must-haves!

Hey all,

I am sitting in my mums comfy recliner chair looking out the window at the lovely sunshine beaming down onto my front lawn. 

[update: it is actually pouring down with rain now but it was sunny when I started this post and can't bare to not be nostalgic for the summer sun which has abandoned us for the time being.]

I know many of you are already enjoying your summer wardrobe (I am certainly), I thought I would write a post of my top 5 summer must have staples in my collection: 

1. Espadrilles - for those of you who have been following my blog for a few years, you will know my love for the comfy summer shoes and this year it's no different. I have bought a new pair this year which are sparkly! I love them so much and they go with everything. 

2. Soft beach trousers - I bought my first pair after suffering bad sunburn on my legs last holiday and they are blue with floral pattern which are so comfy. I am very pleased that there are loads on the high street. I bought the black floral patterned pair (see below) recently from Peacocks. (I want some of the ones from Next too but I can't decide on a colour)

3. Pale tights - if you are a bit worried of scars or discolouration on your legs but do want to get some sun and wear a dress - then tights are a very good way to show them off while disquising anything. I wear Marks and Spencer as they are very thin yet you can get a variation of shades, you can even get a Natural Tan without sun-worshipping.

4. Anything gold - It is my summer colour and I love gold eyeshadow, lip gloss, nails. I also love it in my shoes and I bought my staple gold sandals from Red Herring at Debenhams in the sale! Result!

5. A cover up - anything from a kimono to a cardi, this year there are plenty on the high street and I love this one from Tokyo Doll at New Look and Primark have a few good ones. Basically it's a way to smart up a casual outfit without over-heating in a cardigan/blazer/jacket.
So here is my top 5 summer wardrobe staples. Maybe I will do some outfit of the day posts soon so you can see how I wear them. If you'd like that drop me a comment below or on my social media networks. 

Sorry for this post taking me so long, I got caught up in prom and pre-birthday celebrations all last week but I am back now. 

Luv as always,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥️

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Life 3.0

Hello everyone,

After a very long hiatus I am finally free of the shackles of school and exams, heading into what I like to call life 3.0. I have been in school for 14 years now, that was life 2.0, and before that well I was very small and I suppose that was life 1.0. So I heading into a new phase and am planning to improve myself this year, as I realise more about myself, without my life revolving primarily around school.

I can't really say that I have many plans for what I am going to do, but blogging and interestingly vlogging (did someone say YouTube channel, I will let you know when I launch my channel) are going to become a major part of my life as I've missed it so much and will be able to focus more on what I love. So keep your eyes on both of my blogs - my other lifestyle/advice blog is linked above if you haven't checked it out and want to please do.

I have a few post ideas to re-launch my blog, all summer related, one handbags, on clothes and the last one is a beauty look inspired by my mums blog. I also was thinking of reviewing books on this blog if you would be interested in that as I have a HUGE amount of books of varying genres and would love to get through them all as soon as possible.

So just a brief I'm back post today, but have got more time now so it will not be long till my next one, promise.

- Just a side note, I have Instagram so you can keep up with my travels on there, as well as the usual Facebook and my Twitter.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine,

Lots of luv,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥