Sunday, 20 December 2015

This time... one's gonna say goodbye...

Can you tell I am listening to Glee?

I have less than 7 months of being a teenager left. 2016 is staring me down like something that I am looking forward to and slightly terrified of at the same time.

If you have been around these parts since 2010 then thank you for staying on this journey with me. I have just written a post signalling I will be a bit quieter on my second blog Dear Aphrodite next year, as I am thinking about changing my voice and seeing what I can make with that. As a result three online presences may be too much. But I do love that blog, so it is more of a pause than a closure.

But this blog was my first; and like most firsts, they aren't that easy to leave behind. So I am not.

I wanted to write this post to let you know how I am feeling looking ahead to next year.

This blog is like my baby.  From starting with me staring into a glass case at a Chanel jacket at the V&A back in 2010, to in 2015 becoming a member of that very museum; just shows how far I have come. This blog is where that all started.

Earlier this year (after a unplanned hiatus) I said I was going to stick more to the name of this blog - Diary. And I think that will be the best thing I can do going forward, use this as my online diary.

I can't say how often I will post on here yet; I am thinking monthly or bi-weekly (I am slightly ill at the moment and sleep deprived so forgive me for not fully working it out yet), but like most of my life I think it will surprise me, which I am looking forward too.

I enjoy talking about London, fashion and my tips on things, so this can become my musing ground for that and anything else I fancy.

Anyway, this time I am not saying goodbye, just maybe I am changing, if you are going to join me on the ride then welcome aboard - I have a good feeling about this!

Love as always,
A xx