Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Trend Round Up 2011...

Hey guys, 

Again a long absence, I am not very good at keep this updated am I? This year the fashion world went through many stages, at the end of 2010 into early 2011 the edginess that had been growing came through and heels went high and spiky and the dresses became black and sharp cut, some even had literal jagged edges!

Then in Spring as new life was born so was the word 'Eclectic' and such came the clashing of patterns and colours down the runways, although this took its time to get to the high-street. Meanwhile all the shops latched on to the bold brights and the 'new' trouser style (MASSIVE LEGS) none of which really took my fancy - I discovered a love for dresses and vintage and managed to rack up a huge amount of them and now my closets bursting lol! Along with wide leg trousers kicking out the skinny legs, mini skirts got kicked out by maxi and midi length which was a boggling minefield of creating your own dresses out of lengthy skirts and coloured shirts, which was both inventive and individual.

As we headed towards summer, well all the rules got torn up and most went back to nautical with a blink of an eye and little miss sailors and dolls came flooding back - I spent my summer in a pool and then my silk maxi so I can't really comment. When I landed home along came the loafers just in time for back to school to remove the brogues to the bargain bin. Every girl wanted to max out the men shoe trend - I stuck to pumps.

As autumn came so did an out of this world trend walked the runways and the shops turned to burgundy and autumnal colours and vintage waltzed back into fashion. Stars were bought along by D&G and they made a huge impact. I got myself a starry ring and ooh over the bags wishing I was amongst the stars and supernovas. Skinnys also came back as warmth was needed and knitted cardigans much taking reference to cricket jumpers flooded to the shops and then we were lead up to Christmas when..... out of nowhere came FUR! Fur jackets are all the rage right now from River to the Top of the Shops and we all want to be abominable snowmen for the winter time. Where do I sign up?

So what will the new year bring? Maybe a firework of colour?

Best Wishes,