Monday, 31 December 2012

2012: A year when fashion went forwards by going backwards...

Hey guys,

So the end of 2012 is drawing near and I am taking this time out of my ridiculous work schedule to write the post about all the fashion trends we enjoyed this year - the highs and the lows.

It seems to be that this year fashion went backwards and drew inspiration from the past, such as 1920's flapper dresses, Leather and the body-con dresses (popularised by shows such as The Hour and Mad Men) from the 60's, Calamity Jane cowgirl style from the 40's, Militarian Chic inspired by Lara Croft made a return from the 90's and a lot of sequins strutted there way from the disco of the 80's.

It is an hour from midnight and I am reminiscing on all I have learnt from fashion this year. Basically this year was all about bringing back the past - the good and the bad. It was clear where the fashionistas were drawing their inspiration from: good times in their lives, the films they love and the things they always wanted to wear! Even though some styles were not perfect for me, it was nice to see style revivals that were so inspired and nice for me to experience as I was not around to witness them the first time.

Secondly, on my style look back, I have to commend some particular fashionistas whose styles rocked this year. Particular mention goes to Blake Lively who is stunning all the time, Rachel Bilson whose style in Hart of Dixie was seriously chic even better that it seemed completely unpractical for a doctor and finally, I could not forget Catherine 'Kate' Middleton - whose effortless combination of high street luxe and that infamous engagement ring made her a style icon. Everything from coral skinny jeans while playing hockey to that fab emerald green dress at sports personality of the year just made her stand out head and shoulders from the crowd.

So this year has been a hectic one for me but I have made new friends on the blogosphere and have lots new ideas to head into the new year with, I have some opportunities to guest write available coming up if anyone is interested and also would like to spend more time learning about fashion, I feel as if I need to go to Paris but hey we will have to wait and see.

So as I have put no pictures on this post which is not the norm, I will give you one of my beautiful cat Woozle who approves all of my clothes as I bring them in from the shops,

Have a happy new year everyone, here is to a good 2013!

Love as always,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥