Monday, 23 July 2012

Amy, Amy, Amy....

Hello Readers,

So this blog is really important yet hard for me to write.

Today is the day last year that I learnt that Amy Winehouse had passed away and it was a very dark day for me as I was such a huge fan of her and I will always regret never seeing her live.

As I have said before there was a soulful quality of her voice that will never be replicated - though I'm sure many will try. Back to Black is my go to album for just about every moment in time. I love it and, despite the fact she herself didn't like it, I also love Frank - especially Stronger Than Me which is the song for every empowered woman out there.

She was iconic and as a true icon should she has inspired fashion and culture forever. John Paul Gaultier's A/W 12-13 was a slightly controversial homage to the star and you only have to walk down Camden High Street and you'll see the very soul of Amy everywhere, I spent a week working there and I felt somehow closer to her.

Amy, its been a year since you died and I still feel the same sadness I did then. Thank you for writing two great albums and making such an impact in your time, even though it was cut short much to soon.


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥


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    1. Thank you, I've commented on your blog post wow its so cool. I'm following on bloglovin' if you'd like to follow mine xx♥