Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy 1st Birthday my little blog!!! :')

Hey guys,

Today, exactly a year ago I had a brain-wave to start a little blog about fashion. I never thought I would be able to keep it up and sitting here a year later I feel very proud. I never thought I would get any readers and I now have 28 followers (via both bloglovin' and the blogger subscription) and 13 fashionable people following my twitter. Even though this to many may not seem very impressive - to me it is immensely amazing and a huge confidence boost. When life was rough or I was low, I turned to my blog and the fashion connected with it and it bought me pure happiness. To celebrate this momentous day (as promised on twitter) I said I would write about a day in the life of a fashionista. However, I was at school today so my day was not that interesting so I thought I would take each one of my subjects and write something fashionable related to it, so here we go:

Maths: All outfits are maths really! You get the staple item, add some fab accesories, a good pair of shoes and some sweet extras i.e. a button shirt over a tee. It's a precise equation that all women do every morning (and sometimes evening), 365 days a year. When you make a positive choice it can make all the issues in your day seem insignificant because you feel confident in yourself. Also note there is never a negative choice in fashion. You may not like what the person is wearing but they picked it to express themselves, however shocking that expression may be.

Geography: Well Without the world's geography we would not have New York Fashion Week, London or Paris. No one would be inspired by jetting to the Eiffel Tower or the Statue Of Liberty, there would be no chance of anyone ever being able to find a country as a muse. How boring would fashion be then? Also different countries create fashion and then it is distributed globally. All part of the cycle of the global fashionable economy.

French: Now this one is easy. J'adore la mode! Paris est Parfait! From Dior to Chanel. Coco to Lagerfeld. All the greatest fashion families are based in Paris, it is the heart that beats all around the world. They have changed the way we dress for hundreds of years - and show no sign of slowing.

I.T: This is how I communicate with you through my blog, we follow each other on bloglovin' etc., companies like Vogue used the Iphone App's to post news to all of us, and every web page with images of the clothes we love! Also where would us fashionista's be without Ebay and Online Shopping - I would actually not of got into fashion at all.

Biology: Without biology we would not be male or female so therefore fashion would not exist and we would still be basic single celled organisms with no fashion sense - What an awful life!

To wrap up this Blogs Birthday I will show you some Pictures I took today that are quiet cool:

^My beautiful Cat Woozle ♥ 9yrs old^

^My cute hamster Millie ♥  - 2 years, 2 months and 9 days old^

I love blogging and will see you guys soon with my next post,

To all my followers I love you,


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