Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fashion is growing up!

Hey guys,

When we were younger, fashion was all about princesses and fairies. We all donned fairy wings and sparkle in order to out-shine our friends (all though with a good nature!) Our fashion idols were Cinderella, Belle and Tinkerbell. Disney Store was our Topshop and wands were our Mulberry Bags. But now this is no more. We have grown out of our dresses and wings and head for the workplace. Be that school or office.

New Season fashion has followed suit (pardon the pun). From pencil skirts to cream blouses, pleats and sharps have been re-invented to sharpen and smarten our dress sense. The greatest designers have made magic on the catwalks and here is the finest. For the best check out the Chanel and Dior goddesses for the best.

But if you are like me and can't afford a £300 skirt/shirt etc. then the British highstreet is giving  as good as it gets.

So fashion has deffinatly grown up although there is nothing like being a princess at heart ♥


  1. I love ladylike fashion, and although that's not exactly what you mean by "grown-up", that's just what it reminded me of. Anyway, love Chanel (you can never go wrong with Chanel), and I love that first River Island skirt! So feminine!


  2. I love River Island! Good picks!

    twitter: @ladyofashion