Saturday, 11 January 2014

Princesses are not quitters!

Hello everyone, 

Wow it's 2014! And I haven't blogged in ages! Sorry! *bad blogger head shake of shame* 

But today I was particularly inspired and as I didn't want to make my first post of the new year short and full of drivel I resolved today would be the day. 

Basically today I went to the castle in the sky, Harrods. Ok it's not a castle per say but any girl can feel like a princess browsing the diamonds and evening gowns and handbags and shoes... you get my drift. 

I looked at all of the Chanel sections (a must for me); the fine jewelery hall is also must if you were a magpie in a past life as I was! I think if you are easily blinded by the spotlights it will be a bit much, if that is the case then you can easily walk the halls of clothes and bags and window shop. A top tip is to enjoy everything! There is so much to ooh over even if you don't buy anything at all, although there is a HUGE toy and sweet section which if you are feeling kiddish goes down very well! 

The sale in Harrods ends next weekend and then the store will calm down a bit, as the perfume hall especially was jammed with people! 

But all-in-all it was very fun. I am really tired now. 

Btw the reason that this post is called princess are not quitters is because me and my friend went out shopping and had limited luck in the beginning but we didn't quit and it reminded me that I have a book from when I was little called "Princesses are not quitters" by Kate Lum. I recommend it for anyone who has a little girl in the family, or just needs some motivation as the book is really pretty and it is all about not giving up on doing what you want to do. 

Happy new year blogosphere, I will be better this year I promise! 

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥️


  1. Welcome back!!! Don't worry!!! Times are busy!!! haha!

    xo, Lizzie
    The Uptown Girl

    1. Hello Lizzie,

      Thank you for the comment, I have been crazily busy and will be with finals coming up soon but I will try to keep up with the blogging as much as possible.

      Speak soon,
      Luv LDN xx♥️