Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Birthday Blog!

Hey everyone,

So last Tuesday was my 18th Birthday! And it was such a lovely day I had the best time! So I thought I'd give you a diary style post about what I did!

5:00am: My beautiful kitten sings me happy birthday - well no she howls to go out, mum lets her out and I sleep for a bit longer! 

6:00am-ish: Woke up eventually and go downstairs to see parents, have tea and open my lovely presents! Hotel Chocolat chocolate for breakfast - perfect! Then nap for a bit longer till parents go to work. 

9:00am: Get up and run a Lush bath with the Space Girl bath bomb I got in one of my presents. Smelt amazing! Watched YouTube while in the bath. Then get ready to meet mum in Canary Wharf for lunch. Am wearing my favourite pink skirt outfit (seen in this post). Make up wise I wore my natural base, accentuated with a gold sparkly eyeshadow from a Next pallette and on my lips I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush in shade 100 topped with the Lancôme Juicy Tube in a Toffee flavour (not sure on the exact shade sorry). The jewellery that I wore: my new Michael Kors bracelet and my F21 heart necklace.
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12:15am: Meet mum at Carluccios. Fritto Misto (my fave) was not on the menu, but we had Bruchetta and a breaded Chicken dish (Millanaise I think) from the set menu and it was lovely! I also had Cherry juice which is rare to get hold of and was so tasty! We had a lovely chat outside in the sun, then I went round the shopping malls and met Max Chilton the F1 driver and Natalie Pinkham from Sky F1 which was soo cool for an F1 fan like myself. 

I also unashamedly bought another fluffy pen for my collection which is so cute! It's a tiger aww! 

5:30pm: I returned home for a bit and relaxed before getting changed into my favourite summer beach trousers and vest top, styled with my Dorothy Perkins denim jacket with the sleeves rolled. Then I went out and met my parents in Zizzi's (mum gave me the Hello Kitty balloon which was on my Instagram and seen below) where we had amazing food, including a chocolate and banana calzone - Awesome! Then we saw the new Transformers film in 3D which was the best 3D film I've seen all year, yet it was an almost 3 hour film which was a tad long and didn't get home till quite late! 

00:05am 16th July: Finally went to sleep on such a high after such an amazing day! 

Thank you to everyone who made it the best birthday ever! Also I can keep my statement that it hasn't rained on my birthday in 18 years (bar a slight bit of drizzle first think that morning), which I think is pretty cool too. 

All the best, 

Update: I've been 18 a week now and I love it. I feel older which is strange as it never made an impact before! Woo! 

Anyway lots of luv as always,
LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥️

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