Sunday, 4 January 2015

Annual Happiness Tips 2015... Not New Years Resolutions!

Welcome all to a fresh start here on the blog!

With the changes I went through in my life last year, I really wanted to start again with this blog, so I've done some decorating (hope you like the new look) and I wanted to launch again on a Sunday so I am looking ahead to a new week and a new year simultaneously.

This post will be duplicated on this blog sister Dear Aphrodite, as I think it spans the two but if you haven't checked out my other blog - please feel free to click the link in the bar above.

So to the root of this post which is about my Annual Happiness Tips 2015.

My big problem, and I think most people's problem, with New Years Resolutions (NYRS from now on in this post) is that everyone tries to make them, but tends to break them within the year, some don't even see out January.

Resolution in the Oxford English Dictionary is "A firm decision to do or not to do something", so by making and then breaking a resolution, you nullify the term in its entirety. Most people seem to make NYRS that are frankly untenable in their daily lives and then curse the tradition when they break/fail to meet their decisions made on January 1st. I always find myself saying I will never eat chocolate again, then diving into the leftover box of Celebrations; or that I will blog three times a week and then you don't hear from me for months. It is as if the tradition has become a joke in modern day life, so enter my Annual Happiness Tips.

Annual Happiness Tips are my version of NYRS as they are simple suggestions that I want to make every year to make myself happier, but and most importantly of all, they are only tips, they can be ignored, broken, interpreted etc. anyway I like. So no more pressure, hassle or guilt, basically my idea of perfection.

This year I have made four tips to enhance my life in 2015 and I have written these in my journal and will share them with you all now:

  1. Be healthy but don't make myself crazy with worrying or feeling guilty when I am simply enjoying my life!
  2. Be happy for what I have in life and remember that everyday (but at the same time it is ok to be sad every now and again - just not more often than I am happy). 
  3. Be more creative more often; blog, do more photography, spend more time colouring and do more Lego building! 
  4. Do something amazing every month; from seeing friends to travelling or just having an excellent experience at home with my family. 
If you hate making NYRS like I do, I hope that Annual Happiness Tips will make life better and take the pressure off at this time of the year,

Happy 2015 everyone, I hope you had a lovely festive season and are looking forward to a brilliant new year!

Lots of luv,

Amber aka LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

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