Thursday, 10 September 2015

I wanna paint myself in blue and red and black and grey

Longest title ever I know (sorry).

One of my earliest memories is my mum playing her guitar and singing Me and Mrs Jones which is where this lyric comes from and it also happens to be the colour pallette that I want to wear all the time at the moment.

Now I just realised I didn't do a post on my birthday presents so you won't know that I got a gorgeous, perfect, lovely (I can continue but I won't) Kate Spade handbag from my parents and it's black and beautiful and I use it everyday for work. 

But this wasn't the start.

I have always loved grey and as a very pale person it doesn't wash me out like harsh black can so I tend to prefer to wear grey closer to my face and black on my bottoms. Some of my favourite clothes are grey including my beloved amnesty hoody which I think is my favourite shade of grey (pardon the pun).

So to blue... Blue is a very emotive colour for me. Yes it is typically a sad colour but it also brings me pure happiness; especially in the lighter shades and washes. I also spend a huge proportion of my life in jeans and denim. There is something about a good denim wash that just makes me smile and feel happy wearing them. (If you saw my series on trying to find the perfect jeans then you know how seriously I take it - it's linked here.) 

And well with all rules one has to be broken and yes it's red. Red is not really my colour in it's pure form - apart from my Chanel lipstick which with very neutral face make up is perfect and tres chic! But I'm stretching red to include it's little sister pink because I love pink from baby to coral (I'm also stretching to orange pink I guess here - but it's all one family). I just bought this bright pink dress which I can't wait to rock in winter and banish the chill away! And my favourite winter coat is my pink ones! I also just bought a green parka (post coming soon) and pink compliments green very well I think so it's just super in my eyes!

So that's me in four colours - and now I'm humming that song too...

Lots of love,

Amber xx

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