Saturday, 28 November 2015

Not feeling blue on Black Friday...

I was not someone who went hyper this Black Friday; and for those of you brave enough to face the shops in real life - bravo! I am not and never will be one of you. Sale shopping makes me feel quite stressed and I am not a fan of the mob mentality that people can get into in order to nab the best deal.

To be honest for the past few years this day hasn't meant anything to me bar seeing the scenes on TV that drew parallels to political riots; all for £400 off a flat screen and for the IT handbag at 20% off.

Today however, I bought into the hype. Literally. 

On my lunch break I went online and purchased; rather ironically; Penguin's Little Black Classics collection in the display box. 50% off the RRP. 

I had previously tried and failed to win a set and today I simply couldn't resist. I am however not going to buy another book for a while (unless it's part of my rare penguin collection that have the traditional coloured covers; they are my true weakness). But seriously my book buying needs to stop.

I will post a picture of my purchase on Instagram when the box arrives and I really can't wait to get to see my books. 

This set is something I have wanted for awhile so I don't regret buying into the hype of the day. I hope you all are equally as pleased with your purchases if you have or do make any in the next few days.

And if you haven't yet purchased anything; then remember that these sales will go on until at least Cyber Monday if not after so you have plenty of time to get involved. 

And if sale shopping in real life makes you stressed, I hope you are ok and can find some relaxing oasises to hide outin until the Christmas sales start. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Amber xx

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