Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spring time has arrived! And covered us in cherry blossom xx

Hey Guys,

School is manic at the moment and the weather here in the UK is frankly shocking. Although the Spring/Summer season is always here to brighten my day. Now, I am not saying to crack open the shorts and sunnies and chill in your gardens just yet... However, fashion has made allowances for the spring weather and adapted to Perfection.
Easter is a few days away, My hair is turning a brighter shade of blonde and I am feeling chilled looking at Chanel and Dior ♥. But lets turn to the matter at hand: What to wear NOW!

Well basically Spring 2010 is floral and flirty but for the rock chic lovers amongst us - don't panic! The classic Doc Martens are soo in at the moment alongside the festival Boho look is bang on trend.

My Top Tips
  • Shoes: Stay flat, Killer heels are totally out. We ♥ our feet!
  • Tee's: Should have florals and length or short tee's with slogans and positivity.
  • Jeans and Leggings: Its spring people! Ditch black leggings for patterned ones or denim ones. Jeans themselves should be pale blues or greys - bright pinks etc. only if accompanied well otherwise steer clear!
  • Bags: Pouch bags are about! Keep it practically though girls. Mini clutches are no more!!!!

So here it is! Spring 2010 ♥




  1. You are gonna be on the next one not this one lol x

  2. Done! :) i liked very much your blog too ;)**

  3. I love pouch bags, so happy for this trend!
    Stop by

  4. I love this but disagree with the heels bit ;) love holly xxxxxxx

  5. I didnt mean don't wear heels i ment keep the size of the heel at a decent level xx