Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Poetry Story: The Difficult Journey of Love...

Hey guys,

I mentioned on Facebook about my poetry story and I have finally finished it so I thought I would post it in instalments. 

The story is told in two perspectives; a man and a woman who we meet at the moment that the man is proposing to the woman. This poem is her trying to work out whether she should say yes.
So today is the first of the series enjoy! 

"Shining Rock"
A moment in time.
A rock that shines.
Down on one knee,
You looking up at me.

In that cavern,
The vast expanse,
The sun just visible,
Gone in a glance.

I call to the sky, 
Tell me what to do,
I look to the floor,
And then back to you.

The memories come flooding back,
The games and the scenes, 
fading to black.
I dress up,
They cut me down,
Don't you want someone else around?
Which game will we play today?
You slam the door,
I'll hide away.

I've given you all the chances,
This is your checking move,
Is this battle worth fighting?
Or will I have to lose? 

Will we be Monroe and DiMaggio?
Anthony and Cleopatra? 
Just another tragic love,
That wasn't meant to be...
Of will I be the only one, 
The only one for you, 
The shoe that fits,
The house that's right,
Simple, pure and true.

I hope you liked it, next one coming soon...


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

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