Sunday, 19 May 2013

You did go to the ball but what did you wear Cinderella?

Hey guys,

So this week was the ever famous Met Ball which this year wanted those lucky enough to be given invites to dress "Punk" in an ode to the new exhibition - well this week provided me with the time to reflect on who wore what and my conclusions I will write down now.

I feel I should start with my idea of punk and the image I get takes the form of my mum when she was younger. Now I have been informed that fish nets and hair dye were the order of the time and that was punk being tame! 

So how did the social elite dress for it? Well it was more ball less punk, which I don't think is very sporting as its like going to a fancy dress party not in fancy dress! 

I like top 5's but I have to include in one section two women so I guess it is a top 6 in reality:

  • Julianna Hough looked amazing in a custom Topshop dress and her hair was also bang on punk, I love the ripped bottom to the dress and her edgy heels just make the look! 
  • Next to be bestowed my praise is model of the moment: Cara Delevingne. This lady is fierce and wow, look at her dress. Unlike Sienna Miller who put a studded jacket over a dress, Cara went for it in Burberry and she for me just looks naturally rebellious! 
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, step right up! This was one of the most extravagant outfits of the night, a headpiece from Philip Treacy, the widest Giles Deacon dress and thigh high Louboutins! All the pieces by themselves channel punk, the headpiece was shaped like a mohican and the boots were the shiniest tartan. The wardrobe malfunction made it all the more punk! 
  • So when I was talking to my mum she said that when she used to go clubbing there was always a girl dressed as a bride and I think Rooney Mara got the message! Not only did she wear a white floor length Givenchy gown but she managed to make it cool not creepy. I think she got the ball and the punk elements perfect! 
  • So finally are two women who did things right but the whole look was very wrong: Madonna and Nicole Richie. Both looked strange and kinda scary! However there were some elements of their outfits that were spot on, I mean I loved Nicole's hair and Madonna had elements of genius in the fish nets, the tartan and the pink shoes but she just didn't look good as an outfit. I'm sorry ladies, sack your stylists!!

So this was really late I'm sorry but my exams will soon be over!

Luv you all,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

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