Friday, 30 August 2013

Fluff Cat Friday!

Hey all,

So today has been manic, and I'm shattered. The combo means this post is in under the wire, sorry.

I wanted to start a new feature which will include a picture of my beloved cat Woozle, who at four years younger than me, wears her age well lol!

I know this is not really fashion related but it gives me the chance to put my musings down along with it. Today I will include a poem I wrote, called "LOVE":

Austen wrote many a tale,
and the Bronte three,
of love and true heroism,
and the beauty of chivalry.
Darcy was a solitary man,
who had the love of she,
but when his cold exterior did thaw,
he found his wife to be.
Yet even those to whom love is fate,
and will forever see,
will have their troubles true of heart,
before love sets them free.
The words I write aim to please,
my ever wandering soul,
for I am in another world,
and yet I have been told,
the world is out there for me to seek,
unlimited lies in front of me.
At this moment, in my dream,
I am as steadfast as a tree.
Love has always appeared in my life,
over the centuries it remains,
it takes its time to reach full bloom,
and on its way causes many pains
But despite this side affect,
we take the good with the bad,
for the chance you take to fall in love,
is worth the twang of sad.

Luv you all,

LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥


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