Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I'm with the band...

Rock on everyone,

So I am actually a big music fan of diverse taste which not many people know. My first concert was The Darkness playing in the old Wembley Arena, they were supported by Ash which was incredible, I was 7 or something and Justin (the leader singer) found out the security alarms were going off in his house but instead of calling off the show he simply said "it must go on!" (Maybe with a few more swear words lol!). 

To put it plainly, that night, fuelled by my mums endless playing of her favourite music; bands such as Bon Jovi, The Black Crowes, Fleetwood Mac etc., began a love that would lead to me having the most diverse iPod of anyone I know. I can have the Jonas Brothers next to Nirvana on a shuffle! 

This music taste has heavily influenced my dress sense, but my favourite part is the T-shirt. I am addicted to buying them, not just band ones but them in general. However, my collection is well stocked with tees that express my love of music! One of my faves is my mums home-made Black Crowes tee that is tie-dye (see below).

Back in time, band t-shirts were a guy or girls way to say "I am with this band, loyal and dedicated, a fan and a follower" but with the recent trends in fashion on the high street to bring album art and logos to the masses, this loyalty has been replaced with "I liked the look of the logo so I bought the top, I actually have never listened to the band." Me and my friends have often had discussions where we have asked people if they love the band/album as much as we do, to hear back that they don't even know who they are. It's frustrating as a music fan to hear that. 

It used to be that tees were the way to spot fellow fans and connected people with common interests. Now it is not that easy, as I have discovered, but I guess we all have access to social networks to keep in touch with fellow fans and the humble t-shirt has lost is place in most modern fandoms. However, I know that they will not be going anywhere soon, especially not in my world as my collection will not stop growing, I still have some that I would love to get! 

This is my most recent one bought at The 02 on 23rd March 2013:



Here are some I would love to get: 
(Buy from 21 Century Clothing @, £14.99)

(Buy from the AC/DC store @, £12.95)

(Buy from, £14.99)

I will leave you with some wise words from another true rock god:

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are" - Kurt Cobain 


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

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