Friday, 21 June 2013

Fashion in Film - Clueless...

Hey guys,

So this post comes with helping hand of retro, although this time it's the 90's that influenced my film of today - Clueless. 

Clueless, released in 1995, tracks the life of Cher and her friends. One of them being Tai, played by the late Brittany Murphy, who is the new girl looking to Cher to guide her through Beverly Hills life. The film itself is a romantic comedy based upon Emma by Jane Austen but the clothes worn by all the characters are something of legend.

Cher in the film has a wardrobe which is computer generated so she can see what her clothes will look like on herself and then select them that way, which I think is pretty genius and if my wardrobe gets any bigger is something I want. 

The matching plaid suits are particularly iconic, the shocking yellow one is quiet a piece of costume genius! Also, the tight, bodycon red dress with a Cher touch of a white feather boa is something that these days would seem avant garde but for her was perfect, centre of attention is Cher's way. 

According to GLAMOUR magazine this Clueless look is back in fashion, I'm not sure I'm bold enough to try but I can't wait to see it. I also discovered that the brand WILDFOX has created a Clueless them collection which you can see if you click here, it is cool how similar and in the style of the movie the clothes are and the outfits look super cute.

Hope you are ok, college is making me very tired at the moment!!


LDN Teenage Fashionista xx♥

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